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What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

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I look forward to seeing what Magmar, Ho-oh, Mewtwo and Totodile look like.

We've seen Totodile countless times following Gold, in the games.


Beyond the Rainbow~
My name gives it away.

Ho-oh. Forever.

And sometimes my trusted Typhlosion

Magmar Master

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We've seen Totodile countless times following Gold, in the games.

Thank you, I just looked at the pictures. I love it.:)

Also would like to add I'm also looking forward to Charizard, Growlithe, Arcanine, Sunflora, Miltank and especially looking forward to Sunkern.


Shut cho Meowth.
During the game it will probably be my starter Pokemon, Typholsion.
But after I complete the game it will either be Raichu or Flareon or any of the other eeveelutions, depending on my mood. xP


Ironclad trainer
likely who ever i have in the 1st slot at the time, i alter them alot in the games so.


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I'll try out every Pokémon,and Forme.XD


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I'll have my Umbreon or my Dragonite. I'll also want to see what the others look like too, so I'll test out all of 'em.


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Definately at one point my beloved Pidgeot, man I loved it. Was my first ever lv 100 in any game, used it to beat the E4 all by itself. I trained it so hard that before the fifth badge (Morty) who had a team of level 25 Gengars my PIdgeot was already level 70-80 man that took a hell of a long time to do that and train it so hard with grass pokemon but then I found out it doesn't listen to me >_> but I still loved it.


Nincada Trainer
ROFL, Kricketot , Caterpie, Weedle, Wurmple LOL myself, yes when i finish im gonna level them to 100.

Kratos The Pokemon master

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I guess i'l let typolishion or lugia follow me.
maybe riolu he's on of my favorites,or even notched ear pichu(i dont think that he'll be in my party but maybe)
shaymin sky form would be cool :)
do you think pokemon like celebi and jirachi will fly?
i think so.


I'm coming...
I'm thinking of trying out bringing Ho-oh around with me. That would pwn.

Also others: Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Celebi(if obtainable)

razor fire

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It's unsure if Skymin is in HG/SS.

I would let wailord follow me :p


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Uhh.... pretty sure Skymin will be included. It'd be illogical for it to only be accessible in one game out of 5 in a generation.
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