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What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

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Mine will be whoever i am training at the time (before i get EXP share) and even when i do get it, i will still be traing the first in my party aswell as the one with EXP share held.

Wood Bowl

I'll most likely cycle between whatever random pokemon I decide upon for my final team. Or, perhaps Ariados.
My Starter or a member of the Dragonite line.


I dont know.
it´ll be my starter, espeon or whatever poke I´m training.
I've always wanted my character to fly off on a Pidgeot so if having it follow me would be amazing, because its the next best thing.


Power Is Beautiful
I'm gonna have to go with Parasect. ^_^ My fave hunting poke, plus, their overworld looks almost as awesome as their sprite.

Wisest Celebi

Tiny Powerhouse
Obviously, Celebi! I just need to find a way to get it! And hopefully, at a low level(10 or something) so I can raise it to be strong!


Well-Known Member
It depends on which gender I choose. If I get the girl the Pokemon will probably be Togepi/Togetic or Ampharos; however, if I get the guy it will likely be Heracross.


Snakes are cool!
I'll keep trying differant ones to see which looks coolest. In my team however it'll probably be my starter.

I'd like my Raichu or Yanmega to follow me, I might import them from Pearl :D


Snakes are cool!
I'll keep choosing differant ones, see how they all look. However I'd love my Raichu or Yanmega to follow me, I might import them from Pearl!


Shiny Hunter
I got the game early and I was planning my shinies to follow me. Turns out it's always the first Pokémon in your party that follows you, and I have not found an option to switch the walking Pokémon :(

However, I did find out that Pidgey's overworld sprite is seriously so cute I may consider not evolving my shiny Pidgey from Diamond to just let it hop after me <3

Pic to share the Pidgey love

Edit: Oh, and the Geodude one is lame, it doesn't float but just 'hops' on the ground. I get the feeling every Pokémon hops the same :( I think I'll trade a Voltorb/Spheal over soon to see if it rolls, that would be awesome :)
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Eevee Trainer
Hmm my Starter or Eevee or Vulpix or Skitty. X3


Eevee Trainer
My starter, Eevee, Vulpix, Buneary, or Skitty.
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