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What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

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Eye of the Storm
Actually the pokemon that follows me will probably depend on my mood and which pokemon I have caught. If I have Suicune or Raikou I'll probably have them follow me or one of the other legendaries. I'd like to see a bird pokemon follow me too. But my starter pokemon will probably follow me the most.


Rocket Admin
Slowking, of course! If the animation looks a little wonky, though, I'll most likely go with Electivire.


Cindaquil Or its evolutions and Lucario when I get it.


butts lol
Ampharos!!! Words can't describe how excited I am about this. I wish I had one in real life :)


Well-Known Member
Oh I can't wait to have my Pokemon following me, out of their Pokeballs ! :D

I'll probably just have the regular party group follow me, whoever happens to be in front...
It's likely that I really wont pay much attention to that. Haha. X3
I do have to say that Feraligatr and Haunter will certainly be the most popular though. CC:​


Probably either my starter, or the Notched-Ear Pichu. Again, that's only if it comes out as an event in North America or if I can actually find someone to trade it with. D:

Team Brushfire

A duck I am.... Not.
Definately Magmortar...Or Flygon...Or maybe caterpie! :D All sound cool!


The Anti-Hero

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Beck is my boy'
Where is my shiny starter!!!! It's been 3 weeks of Sring for one. But yes.. once it comes.. it will be gorgeous to have following me.


The Lost one.
I am no really going to pick one. I have to train my pokemon so all of them will follow me at some point =^^=


Fierce Kanto King
My Leader

The Pokemon I choose to accompany me, Is my Leader Pokemon. I wished they had thought about this, when they put Pokemon Platinum out. Sigh* Pokemon sure knows how to keep you wanting it more. I wished they could think about the Player's more than sometimes. Calarus
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