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What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

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Exiled Entity
At first, Scyther would be my choice since it was my original favorite, though later in the game I think it would be Giratina (preferably Origin form) simply because it is badass...
Either one of the shiny Starter Pokemon I have. I think I'd make Bulbasaur follow me. Because he's my favorite pokemon of all time.


slowpoke guy
I will be using my pokemon in little bits and constantly switching out my pokemon, like, after every trainer battle.
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Is Billy Corgan
Was looking through, and found that my tyranitar and my vaporeon are the oldest pokemon I still have around besides my groudon and kyogre from ruby and sapphire, so probably one of those two.

ON THE TREASURE TRAINNNN;078;;078;;078;;078;


i belive i would have typhlosion as my starter and following pokemon in the beginning, then i would change to my garchomp or salamence ^^


woop pokemon
i wud probaly hav my starter to follow me,later on ill hav my fav charizard to follow me

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
Most of the time, I just have my Noctowl behind me, but I did switch to Ditto today and it made me lol.

Scarlet Pencil

Flygon, whenever I get around to transfering mine over. XD Other than than him, probably Jolteon/Espeon, whichever I end up using in the game. ^^

-Flaming Charizard-

And the cat goes moo
I probably will have caterpie follow me... Just 'cos i can. :).


Well-Known Member
Metagross or Flygon!!!!


my tyranitar, dragonite, scizor, lucario, garchomp, arcanine, salamance, milotic, kingdra,flygon or anyone...

I want mine to arrive ... I buy from play-asia :D
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