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What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

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post game Ttar Feraligatr or ampharoas most of the time otherwise whatever im training


My starter will most likely be the one to follow my character around up until I capture and train my favorite pokemon, Houndoom.



I you bet
it would seem so awesome to have groudon follow you, or rayquaza, or any pokemon that's event so i cant get it:(


The Poke-Pimp
Hmm, either it would be my Celebi or the Arceus that I will get from TRU on Monday, but more likeley my Celebi so I don't scare everyone with the Arceus. XD

Dragon Master Fiona

Dragon Master
Dragonite will be following me hands down. Others would be Ninetails, all of the Eevee evolution set, all my favorite dragon-types, and many others. (Keeping my fingers cross I can save up enough to buy an Ebay gift card to buy this game).


Well-Known Member
I evolved the Torchic from Saffron City and Blaziken looks messed up from the back, it looks funny lol. Maybe you should all try it out too lol.


this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨
Has anybody had Diglett/Dugtrio follow them? What does it look like?


<- Best PKMN Ever
I would have Swampert, Scizor, Magmortar, Kingdra, Dragonite, or Alakazam.

If only I had the patience to get them (not that I willl, because I'll try!). Swampert isn't available until after defeating Red, Dragonair evolves at LEVEL 55, and the others all require trading.


i wil have altaria and skymin aswell as my munchlax's


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I'm probably going to have a variety of pokemon follow me, hopefully anyway, but only time will tell which one I like the most I guess. We'll see.
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