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What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

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Blue Shiny Pikachu 1

Fly So High!!!
I will probably let Pika follow me.


Probably my starter or a Hoot Hoot untill i can Import my Charizard from platinum.


Aesthetics brahz
I will probably have my gengar follow me the most. Otherwise the pokemon I'm ev training will be following me.


Meme Historian
I'm gonna have my starter follow me.


True Love Never Dies
i'm gonna have my starter (typhlosion) swampert, and maybe a couple favorites and legendaries.


Training to beat Red
I am so excited for these games, and can't wait for them to be released. Not sure if I will be buying on of them but I do hope so. If I do I would want Togepi or Togetic to follow behind me though.

Xx Flare xX

Well-Known Member
Well since i've already answered somewhere in the past 40 pages...

All my favorites + Muk:p

Imagine getting chased by one of them;P


Maybe my starter or an Eeveelution, but I really don't know =P


breed to success
id have a houndour i will be transporting over in egg form from platinum lol wats better than a boy trainer walkin around with his puppy at his heels


Ace Trainer
Idk, i would probably have Ledian follow me around. I remember back when i was playing the original gold and silver versions, that was one of my favorites. dont know why, i think i liked the way it looked

john stewart

Well-Known Member
;196;;196;;196;one of these;196;;196;;196;


True Love Never Dies
i also will see what some of the legendaries look like


Event Master Hunter
I'll have Jirachi or Metagross follow me. Steel/Psychic types rule!!!


True Love Never Dies
i wanna have something big as well! like a groudon!! :D
no one would dare mess with me then, if i had big guy like him behind me. mwa ha ha ha!
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