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What pokemon would everyone like to see ash evolve and capture out of all gens?!?!

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If he didn't have charizard in kanto, rapidash would have been the perfect fire type for him.


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I would love him to evolve his gible but I doubt it since one of the main characters in the show (Cynthia) already has a garchomp and her garchomp is the star of the show whenever she shows up. I wanted Ash to catch an axew and evolve it since I doubt Iris will evolve her's.

I want him to evolve his unova starters too.


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Buisel, Gible, Oshawott, (Though I don't want it to evolve into Samurott. Dewott is just fine) Snivy, Palpitoed, Scraggy, and Bayleef


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I'd like him to capture an aaron and evolve it into an aggron. I want this for a few reasons. I love all hoenn Pokemon, ash could use a Pokemon like that, and aggrons look and are B.A and awesome.

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I would like to ash evolve Palpitoed and scraggy because i think it would be really cool if he had a seismitoad on his team and scrafty would be a excellent addition to his team since its dark and fighting and then scafty would look even cooler than scraggy looks


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a i want ash to evlove his oshawott, snivy(to servine), and his gible atleast to a gabite...
While his bulbasaur is my favorite of all his pokemon i sort of wish it evolved so he would have a powerhouse Venusaur that he would call on for high end battles but seems its not gonna get the chance to battle again since its good showing in the BF. and since may's bulbasaur seemingly evolved into a Venusaur out of the blue i doubt they want another main character to have one.

If ash would catch a new pokemon and evolve one i'd love to see him get a tangela and end up with a tangrowth. could be a powerhouse with the right treatment.


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If ash were to catch a new Pokémon and evolve one I'd love to see him get a Riolu and end up with a Lucario.


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I'd like him to capture an aaron and evolve it into an aggron. I want this for a few reasons. I love all hoenn Pokemon, ash could use a Pokemon like that, and aggrons look and are B.A and awesome.

This would be nice, never thought about that.

Maybe a Chinchou or a Duskull.
I've always maintained that Ash with a Gengar would have righted all the wrongs of the show.

That being said, he should have evolved Corphish to Crawdaunt and Scraggy to Scrafty. I don't get why everyone is so interested in the starters..


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Lucario, Zorua, Flygon, and Blaziken. Sadly none of that happened.


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He should have evolved snivy all the way DX

Other than that Lucario would have been nice or arcanine


I would like to see him evolve EVERY Pokemon he gets to their final stage.

Then I would consider him a Pokemon master.

Why hasn't Oshawott evolved at all yet? And he could evolve Boldore right away.


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Snivy and Buizel are what I wished the most.


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Which of Ash's Pokemon should evolve?

I don't think evolving would've really suited Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Buizel, so I'm happy with them. I'm undecided on Totodile though. I like its funny, hyperactive personality but if it had evolved it could've added a whole other dimension to it. The Johto starters in general disappointed me a bit actually. I hate Corphish. I never found Corphish to be funny or even remotely interesting, would've preferred Ash get a Mudkip/ something else, but maybe evolving into Crawdaunt could've gone some way to redeeming it, who knows? I'd have liked to have seen Gible evolve, but I doubt it'll happen now. Would've loved Ash to have ended up with a Dewott, Emboar and Serperior by the end of the Unova journeys but I think it might be too late now. As an egg Pokemon, we could probably see Scraggy become Scrafty at some point, Phanpy-to-Donphan-ish. I'd have loved Ash to have got a Seismitoad but again, I think it is too late in the day now. I was also excited for a potential Ash and Trip trade to get Gigalith and Conkeldurr respectively but alas.

Which Pokemon should ash catch?

Again, massive list. First few that come to mind though, I always wanted Ash to catch a Clefairy like Isamu Akai's. Would've been a refreshing alternative to Pikachu, personality wise, and would've also been quite funny. Always a believer in Ash getting the starter Pokemon, so I wish he'd have got a Torchic, Mudkip and Piplup (hate Corphish and Torkoal, like Buizel though). Would've liked Ash to have got a Bagon as well, maybe the one from AG188?


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A Gabite would suit him so much. As would his own Larvitar, if he still had him. I miss him so. Garchomp is mostly off the charts since its "rightful owner" as most have said is Cynthia and she is too much well beloved to be shadowed by Ash. Too bad nothing indicates he would get his prized Gible back. In a change of pace, the pokémon he *shouldn't* catch would be none of the starters; but that seems impossibly low due to all the advertisement it would generate for X/Y.
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