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What Pokemon would you like to eat?


Experienced Trainer
maybe oran berry salad, as for pokemon, thats just disgusting.


New Member
Cherubi, Miltank


Fighting Type Prof.
I don't think I could...

Especially if it's a fighting type pokemon, I love those guys, they are all like my babies.


Mr Chili

In the trade market
some seedotbutter and dittojelly sammiches


Beginning Trainer
It would be great to eat a cute little Cherubi XD
What a strange topic we have here...

I'd eat any Pokemon as long as it tastes good.


Bad Username
Why do so many people want to eat cherubi's? You'd have to cut the brain out and eyes....ugh, the prosess of getting it ready is just a discusting thought...


Think Magical!
id eat a a a pika pika chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
yeah pikachu


Well-Known Member
Miltank and Stantler. Probably Emboar, too.
Tauros or baffuron (i think they should be in family) because they are both bull looking creatures, and i like bulls. Or maybe roasted onyx.


i wantz beef!
defently a scrambled togepi. or sunflora seeds. but probably most of all a farfetch'd soup


':o Me is stinky??'
cherubi's little head because its dex entry says it tastes very sweet and tropius' bananas because they can be eaten and its my favorite pokemon. but that luckily doesnt kill them.

as for meat id like to know what the shikijika's evo tastes like in each season


The Red Mage
Grimer, yummy. :p

Maybe some Geodude soup.