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What positions should be filled?

ViNe WhIp

Johto Champion
What positions should be filled on a team? Like special sweeper, Physical sweeper etc. Also please give pokemon example and/or movesets. Sorry If i'm asking to much or disobeying the rules I dont come to this part of the forums much since the usuals here are sort of...intimidating.


First off, a Phys. Sweeper (Aggron, Golem, Machamp)
A Special Sweeper (Alakazam, Lati@s, Typhlosion)
A Dual Sweeper (Metagross, Flygon, Kingdra)
One more sweeper of any kind
A status inducer (Blissey, Dusclops, Snorlax)
And a wall (Suicune, Blissey, Umbreon)

Try those out.


Hyper Coordinator
A special Sweeper
A physical sweeper
a wall
a sponge
a cleric
a Mixed Sweeper
A spinner
A spiker
A pHazer/Hazer

those are i think all the positions that a team could have... you know pick 6 from there

most teams look like this in-game

it works in-game....


prophecy fulfilled
walls/sponges/spikers/spinners/clerics and hazers are pointless in-game as the AI sucks so hard


Hyper Coordinator
i know

i just mentioned them because i wasnt sure if he wanted to know all the positions or the ones that should be covered in-game


The Dancing Cactus
It's usualy best to have all sweepers in game, although tanks are really good in game too.


prophecy fulfilled
fast sweepers usually do the **** ingame


Well-Known Member
0mastar said:
walls/sponges/spikers/spinners/clerics and hazers are pointless in-game as the AI sucks so hard

clerics can be useful in the battle pyramid or battle tube if you ask me, but you´re right about spikers and spinners etc., they are worthless ingame.