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What programming language do you prefer?

Yami Ron

Elite Member
C++ and VB .NET ... but slowly getting introduced to Java foundations.


I'll do my Lilliest
HTML, CSS and Flash are for me coz thats what I know :p There's JS as well that took me a while to get used to with all the semi-columns that looks like winking smileys xD nya~


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People really need to learn that HTML & CSS are not programming languages. There's a difference between a markup language (hence the ML in HTML,) and a programming language.

But since everyone seems to be talking about both, I know HTML & CSS as well as C# and very little Python (with the latter being actual programming languages). I plan on learning full Python and maybe Ruby in the future, although I should probably get better at C# first.

Also, Flash isn't a programming language either. Flash is an IDE and ActionScript is the language.


I have no idea. I know some PHP, JavaScript, Visual Basic, and C++, but I wouldn't say I'm particularly good at any of them. Going to start learning Java soon as well.


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I only know Python and C++ :p
Must say I prefer the former. Its syntax is much easier than C++,no freaking semicolons after every line though I do acknowledge that C++ is a powerful language.


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My favorite programming languages are: ASP, Python and Java
When we hired a Programmer we placed priority on programmers that were well trained in JavaScript. It seems to be the trending programming language at the moment. That, or PHP.