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What Series Are You Watching?


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  • Dragon Ball Super (English Dub/English Sub)
  • Gotham
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai (Buu Arc)
  • The Flash


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Lately ive been rewatching bleach. Im around 280 episodes in.


Miraculous Ladybug
Star vs the Forces of Evil
Pokemon Sun and Moon

Storm the Lycanroc

Oshawott Squad
I've been watching the Doctor Who marathon on BBC America for the last couple of days. I've mostly caught the episodes featuring David Tennant and Matt Smith. It's really getting me excited for the new season which premieres tomorrow!


Island Challenger
I've been rewatching the old Charmed series, starting with season one. They're showing reruns on TV and I figured it'd be criminal not to catch them.
Have you seen the new series? If so, give me your take. But yeah I just finished watching all of Charmed.

I also watch "Daredevil". Season 3 just came out and I am only on episode 1 of it.
"Riverdale" seems interesting with this Gargoyle King running around.
I am curious to see that new series on Netflix, "Sabrina The Teenage Witch". It is a darker take on her.
My only 2 Reality Tv shows I watch are "The Challenge" and "Are You The One?"
I am avidly waiting for Agents of SHIELD to return. They can't just leave me hanging like that.
Cloak and Dagger were okay.
I saw Iron Fist Season 2 and it was a wayyyy step up from season 1, and then it got cancelled like... WTF?
Cartoon is obviously "Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Adventures".
Ooh "American Horror Story: Apocalypse" I love that they made it a sequel type thing.
I actually watch Andi Mack but goodness she is just too dramatic nowadays...
Narcos is about to pop up so I am ecstatic for that.
And Atypical was awesome. I really like this hipster show.


Lover of underrated characters
Ben 10(Not the reboot, watching my DVD collection and reliving the good days. From the first episode to the last Omniverse episode; Currently on Alien Force)
Star Wars Resistance (It's great; This is a good example of how to aim towards kids but not be cringey~ I hate the sequel trilogy but I love the show. Love getting more Poe/BB8)
South Park (This is the best season in years! Love how they dropped that continuous story the previous seasons had; PC Babies, Manbearpig..... love it! Super cereal)
Disenchantment ~ I love it, but it felt way too short. Dying for part two
Paradise PD
Daredevil - I love how they ended the season in a way that would be fitting if they don't get a season 4, unlike Luke and Iron Fist where it's like 'Next season sounded cool why did you cancel it?!' I'm curious who they'll bring in next season, this season was perfect.... but I still don't like Karen, her plots always feel so.... forced for some reason. That flashback episode was the only slow episode this season, was tempted to skip it.


It's not a game Kate.
Doctor Who (on tv) 13
Doctor Who (on dvd) 7
Doctor Who (on netflix) 10
Doctor Who (on VHS) 2
The Flash ,the last series was the worst so far but it's getting better again now.
Gotham (on Netflix)
The Good place (on Netflix)
The Dragon Prince (on Netflix)
Steven Universe, expect the new episode take years to come out.

This is what I've watched, am watching in November/October, I'm kinda surprised how long this list is since I don't spend that much time watching telly, but then again 40% of this list is one show.


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The Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow (CW)
My Hero Academia
I am a Killer (Netflix)
Six Feet Under (HBO)


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Just watched 'You' and 'Sex Education' on Netflix, need something else to binge on Netflix or Amazon with the mrs now!


I have a boyfriend now; I am his princess❤️
My favorite thing to watch is Too Cute on Discovery Family.

Seeing all those baby animals just makes my heart melt <3

Also, being an animal lover thats not in the situation of having many pets, and for now, i'm not sure I ever WILL be, watching animal tv shows, as long as theres nothing too triggering in them, can be comforting and important for me.

Theres other shows I watch on tv but I don't feel like listing them. But, I tend to like adorable stuff xD


Lover of underrated characters
Regular Show - Hulu has it! I missed this show so much.... wish things like it still existed.
Star Wars Resistance - Really enjoy it. I can't wait until we get to the TFA stuff so this forshadowing of Starkiller base can stop though, that's pretty much my only fault. Yes we get it, it's coming.... but the Deathstar wasn't brought up that much during Rebels!
Miraculous Ladybug - It's surprisingly good! I'd originally written it off as a show for little girls but after somebody recommend I give it a go I watched a few episodes and within a week caught up. It's surprisingly mature, funny and charming, plus the love square is just the best romance thing I've ever seen! It uses the Monster of the week theme too but doesn't do it in a way that it gets boring. And the fandom.... it's honestly the first one I've seen where people aren't at each other's necks constantly.
We Bare Bears
Agents of SHIELD - Finally coming back soon...
Legends of Tomorrow - I never thought Heatwave of all DC characters would end up a favorite of mine lol