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What Series Are You Watching?


Kanto is love. Kanto is life.
Breaking Bad.
Pokemon Journeys.


The Imminent Storm
My brother's girlfriend showed him, my mother, and I Love, Death & Robots the other day. I'm not usually into the sci-fi stuff, but I did like the anthology format of it and some of the stories were quite interesting.

On the other hand, penguinz0/Cr1TiKaL's review of Tower of God got me to start watching it last night. I'm only like 6 episodes in, but I'm already impressed with what I've seen so far and hope to resume it within the next day or two.

Storm the Lycanroc

Oshawott Squad
I just finished watching the first season of BNA on Netflix and can say it's an average show.

The first six episodes are entertaining and do plenty of worldbuilding. However in the last six episodes things fall apart pretty quickly due to the rushed plot and introduction of a cult. Additionally if Beastmen hate humans so much than why do they change into their human form on a daily basis?


Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned
Just finished the dub of Yugioh GX, onto 5Ds.


Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned
I love how GX's dub just left Jaden dead because they couldn't even bother to dub the last episode of S3
Fun fact: They did that because they were being forced to dub Yugioh 5Ds which had only just started in Japan and so was untested at the time.

From the wiki:
"This grim ending was a bit of black humor on the part of 4Kids Entertainment, who was upset about being forced to abandon GX in favor of the largely untested Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's by Konami and TV Tokyo. 4Kids felt that TV Tokyo had "killed" their product, so they would respond in kind by "killing" Jaden."


Lover of underrated characters
Big Hero 6: The cartoon series
I knew it was a thing but never watched it as I assumed it was awful, but it's actually good! I can't wait for season 3

Also The Boys, rewatching that since it's been awhile and I want a refresher on some events before season 2 comes out in a few weeks. I freaking love Deep! And the guy who plays Homelander is definitely a top tier actor.

Still watching the Ben 10 reboot here and there. It's improved but still mostly meh, I am excited to watch the movie though! All the gimmicks they keep giving the Omnitrix are just annoying, at least Skurd from the Prime universe had a plot reason for his existence and wasn't just a blatant excuse to sell more toys :rolleyes:


Well-Known Member
Just started Future Man. Some hilarious bits and as you saw some weird awkward bits. Can't decide how it'll end up. Have you watched much more of it?

Storm the Lycanroc

Oshawott Squad
I've started watching Mystery Inc. a Scooby Doo series on Netflix. I've always wanted to watch it since I never saw it in full when it originally aired. So far I'm enjoying the overarching mystery of the series and which characters can be trusted.

Storm the Lycanroc

Oshawott Squad
Mystery Inc. was a fun show to watch. I appreciate the overall story and character development.

Since it appeared in my recommendations I started watching Aggretsuko on Netflix. It's a cute and comedic show so far! Coincidentally I did meet the three voice actors for Retsuko, Fenneko, and Haida at a convention last year.


Well-Known Member
In addition to Big Bang Theory, I’ve also been watching a Recess. Since I didn’t watch it too closely when it was around, it mostly new to me.


Well-Known Member
Just started watching The Boys and loving it! a few episodes in and , now Karl Urbans' accent has settled down on something at least, its really good. Loved the solution to the invisible man issue


Lover of underrated characters
Rewatched Phineas and Ferb/Milo Murphy's Law.
Man I hope Milo gets renewed already, I want more Recurring Raccoon and Trucker Ted! I like that they got to be in the new Phineas and Ferb movie, hated that they missed the opportunity to sneak Dakota and Cavendish in with all the food trucks though....

The Boys - Love that season 3 got greenlit!
South Park
Ben 10 reboot
Big Hero 6
Currently watching Gintama, almost at the end of season 4 atm.
And watching One Piece and Black Clover weekly.