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What should I do with my Shiny Porygon?

I'm fairly new to the 4th generation. I just got a shiny Porygon from the man in Veilstone city and don't know what to do with it. It has 30 IV points in SP. Atk and mid 20ish IV everywhere else (except Speed ... which is really low). And here's the worst part: its nature is adamant.

I was told that you can only get only one Porygon on Platinum, but you can breed it with Ditto later on. Is that true? If that's the case, then there would be no harm in saving the game now and start breeding this one with a Ditto later on? I'm planning on having a Porygon-Z on my team eventually... either Timid or Modest, that's why I'm asking this question.

Thank you.
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Yes, you can breed Porygon with Ditto.

I think you should dangle the shiny Porygon in front of your best friends who play Pokemon, just because there's definitely at least somebody who would want it.

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Breed it then train it
The Shiny Porygon,well u could trade it for a good pokemon but its good to keep for ur collection.
I would breed it

Then maybe trade it for a very good ev'd pokemon


I'd keep it. I don't care about natures.


I would breed it. Then you can get your Porygonz that you want. Then trade it on a trade forum because you could get something cool for it.


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Yes, I suggest breeding it with a Ditto, and then you can hatch eggs for the natures you want.

But I also suggest keeping it, because any shiny is rare and doesn't come along every day, maybe even every month. Plus, getting a shiny from an NPC-given Pokémon is very lucky, in my opinion, and it wouldn't help trading it to someone else for them to keep.


You _could_ make a physical attacker out of it since nobody would be expecting it (can you say Blissey?), but of course that would be just for fun. And I don't know its movepool so it might not even have four physical moves.


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Breed it with a foreign Ditto; that way, you could possibly get a second shiny Porygon with the nature you want. :3


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sharpen & last resort could be a dangerous combo - maybe thunder wave or recover could be put on it too but not many options for type coverage with last resort being normal type - iron tail may be a viable option...

also if you're not boosting speed due to it being low (use thunder wave to get the advantage) then evolve to porygon2 not porygon-z dude as porygon2 has better defence


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u should trade that shiny porygon to ME!! haha jkjk :)

lol well in my opinon, i would definately keep it and train it. Shinies in the game are EXTREMELY rare and i say if anyone tells u to trade it to them, i would most definately decline.
Train it and make it a Porygon2. It performs a different role as opposed to Porygon-Z, and you get +10 coolness points for doing that.


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Breed it to get the pory you want then keep the shiny one to either keep as a trophy pokemon or trade for something good.

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It really depends.
If you really want a Porygon-Z for competitivness then breed it. What's the point of a Porygon that doesn't do it's job.
Natures > Ivs > Shininess.

Shinies are just a novelty for trading and such. Unless you know how to RNG abuse then shinies just appear whenever you want them too XD (well it takes time with delays and frames and such but it's not hard to get shinies with RNG).
I've encountered 2 shinies without RNG abuse - Geodude and Wooper (IN THE SAFARI!). I don't trade them as they appeared for me =) but I do treasure them above the other pokemon I've RNG abused.


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Shinies to me are there for show. They don't make any difference to battling, just appearence. All they do is look unique and there are alot of people out there who will trade almost anything for a shiny.

Unless you want to keep it, I'd trade it for something really good.