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What should I nickname my cubone?

Discussion in 'Mystery Dungeon (Hidden)' started by large_numbers, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. large_numbers

    large_numbers Well-Known Member

    :snowlax: :snowlax: :snowlax: Any suggestions? *looks around*
    Is anyone awake?
  2. large_numbers

    large_numbers Well-Known Member

    ....? pleeeze i'm REALLY bad at nicknames!
  3. bubbles the cat

    bubbles the cat don't hurt bubbles!!

    How abot Bone or ground?(mine is Evan)
  4. Kitty Aruseus

    Kitty Aruseus The werewolf cometh.

    Try this: Boneowner! He will own every pokemon! That is a good name
  5. WarthogDemon

    WarthogDemon <-- La Foam


    His skull mask makes me think "Phantom Of The Opera."
  6. Seviper4Life

    Seviper4Life Seviper Breeder

  7. novaflash

    novaflash Well-Known Member

    I think WarthogDemon's suggestion is good. Phantom sounds awesome!
  8. Burner

    Burner Well-Known Member

    GhostKiller, sounds nice eh?
  9. Tyranitar trainer

    Tyranitar trainer Back for a bit

  10. Strike the Windie Ratiosu

    Strike the Windie Ratiosu Arcanine FAN!!!

    mabye Grave or bone crusher? though i think whaterhog demon's idea was great! those names arent very good but wish ya luck for finding a new one^_^
  11. spongeaud

    spongeaud Shikamaru Fan!

    Aas soon as I saw this I thought Seviper4Life said bonehead:)
  12. Draconic

    Draconic Well-Known Member

    Do what i do, call it your name!
  13. Marcopolo

    Marcopolo Well-Known Member

  14. large_numbers

    large_numbers Well-Known Member

    thanks guys!!!!!
    these are all good names.
  15. Marcopolo

    Marcopolo Well-Known Member

    If not trapezohedron ... how bout Fred ? Fred is a fine name for Cubone . If I had a Cubone I would name him Fred . Then I would build him up with potions and gummis and put a Big Smile on Fred's face . Yea , I would name him Fred .
  16. Marcopolo

    Marcopolo Well-Known Member

    Or maybe not .
  17. b3an0b0y

    b3an0b0y Well-Known Member

  18. davidone10

    davidone10 The new tuxedo look!

    Gravedigger. I called my cubone David...I know it's lousy...
  19. Dynamic Mimiroll

    Dynamic Mimiroll Well-Known Member

    If you wanted it to be a girl, you could name it Bonita. XD
  20. golden_charizard

    golden_charizard Shiny Hunter

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