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What Sinnoh Starter did you choose?

What starter did you choose

  • Infernape

    Votes: 10 34.5%
  • Torterra

    Votes: 8 27.6%
  • Empoleon

    Votes: 11 37.9%

  • Total voters


Canada Connoisseur
I chose Piplup because when I first played Diamond I thought that the fake Piplup evo that I saw online was real so I was excited to have that on my team. Imagine how mad I was when I saw that Piplup evolved into Empoleon.
I think whenever a new gen is announced, there's always leaks of the new starter evos, many of which are fake. I remember when Sun & Moon were coming out and I saw a supposed Corocoro leak of the starters' evos, which I thought were real until the leaks from Game Freak came out. I thought Popplio was going to evolve into some kind of Darth Vader seal. :p:D

Madison M

Chimchar was my first Pokémon ever. But second time I played Platinum, I chose Piplup. Empoleon is my favorite starter in any game, and would always choose it over the other two.


Well-Known Member
I chose Piplup in both Diamond and Pearl. I can't remember what I chose for Platinum, because I did a Bibarel solo run. I did not win. ): I couldn't beat that final Cyrus battle. I just restarted Platinum a few months ago, with Piplup again.

I've restarted enough times to pick all the starters, and I think they're all good, but Empoleon is my favorite.