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What skin do you use on serebii forums?


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I'm not gonna make a pol because it is to long. i use the beauty skin


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Oh yeah, I completely forgot that I even had a skin, I got so used to it. :)
Well I've been using the Dragon Skin for some time.​
Default skin ftw!!!!!

I thought there was a thread like this, but I think it hasn't been posted in since the start of December. I ought to go check.


Pampering Vaporeon..
Dark skin. For the black and white theme. And my colorful text adds to it. ^-^"


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Serebii.net V9.0

Default for the win.
I used the Cute Type skin for a long time, but I switched to the Dark Type skin a while ago. And still........

Cute Pokemon FTW! XD
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I use the Serebii.net V7.0 skin because it's better for my eyes than any other skin.


I used the default from since I joined here in July 08, but switched to Dark a few days ago and realize I should have switched a lot sooner. :D


Still Dirrty
I use the default. I didn't find out about there being different skins until months later. Now it has gotten to the point where it feels weird if I change the skin, and I'll just change it back to the default five minutes later.