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What "special" moves...


Future Master
Moves that that pokemon can't legitly learn

charmader lord

support the pwned
wait you can use HM's more then once thats the point it can be taught many times over i think you mean TM's ?

Admiral Neptune

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Is it your secret shiny a...
;001; ;002; ;003; ;004; ;005; ;006; ;007; ;008; ;009; ;010; ;011; ;012; ...etc... ;152; ;153; ;154; ;155; ;156; ...etc... ;345; ;346; ;347; ...etc... ;412; ;413; ;414; ...etc...

Yemi Hikari

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Aparently in the Japanese version you have to remove all HMs on Pokemon before they can be trasfered. BUT ... this may not be so on DP for the US. It may have been a glitch in the Japanese games. We really don't know yet. I understand that they changed soem of the HM's in DP, but those attacks still exist. Look at the fact that Manphy can learn Dive. Hopefully we'll e able to upload ones with HM's by the time it is realeeased in the US.