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What starter will you be on PMD : Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth?

Eve of the Apocolypse

One Last Battle~
I'm looking to be an Oshawott (in this game it's freaking adorable) with an Axew partner.

Axew = Whatevercomesnext = Haxorus = BEAST.

Shadow XD001

Well-Known Member
I'm probably going to be Tepig and have my partner as Axew.

Hopefully they announce some more hero/partner Pokémon options.


Well-Known Member
From what has been revealed so far, I'd like to be an Axew and have Pikachu as a partner (bcos his Discharge kills MHs)

Aura Flare Riolu

Cutest Riolu around!
From what is revealed so far, definitely Oshawott and my partner will be Axew.

Hopefully Riolu and Vulpix are available again so I can form Team Aura Flare again. :)


I want to be a Snivy with Oshawott/Tepig as my partner but I don't mind who I get coz I'd be happy with any of the Pokemon that you can get, If I don't get Snivy though that'll be my partner.


Armored Legend
I'm planning on being Pikachu with an Oshawott partner, but if there are those other choices for the starter like in previous games, then I'll be Treecko instead.

jireh the provider

Video Game Designer
My potential candidates:

Snivy (F) x oshawott (M). Oh god why have I thought of playing my favorite grass type as a girl? Cause she' like the SEXIEST starter I've ever known. When I mean sexy, I mean, seductively ... sexy. First time I may try this. A guy may work but I like snivy as a female most.

Pikachu (M)x Minccino (F). I'd say Minccino has got to be an adorable date for pikachu. I'd say its like her line was one of the CUTEST normal type poke they ever made. I love this girl too much. Too irresistably cute. Even its evo is still cute with a slight touch of a motherly look.


who wants to sing
I would buy the game and the system it plays on specifically for the purpose of playing all the way through as Snivy.

I hear Oshawott is a partner option or something. A good nickname set to use for those two?

Solid Snivy and Revolver Oshawott. Doubt that'd fit though.


Active Member
Snivy and Axew for me, though if Zorua or Riolu becomes option, they would definitely be my choice x3


I smash your Boxes.
Sigh... I'll post mine again! I want all of ye to know.

From revealed: Snivy, Axew/Oshawott

If more from Unova only: Cubchoo, Snivy

If more from all regions: Snivy/Cubchoo/Drifloon, Cubchoo/Drifloon/Snivy


Training Anaylst
From what's revealed, either Oshawott or Axew with the other being my partner.

If the old starters are available, Axew with either Totodile, Oshawott or Treecko as the partner.


Charmander is best
Depends if the old starters are available.

If so Charmander (obviously) with Chikorita as my partner.

If not, Oshawott with Tepig/Snivy


Well-Known Member
Staff member
I do not want to have a Grass type starter, since I was Bulbasaur and Turtwig on my other games.
Other than that, I really do not care which starter I get.


Well-Known Member
I'm now set on making Snivy my main character and Axew my partner.

It's sort of appropriate, considering they're the only Pokemon among the starters I've ever actually used in the main games.


Elite Strategist
I seriously hope old starters are available (from PMD 2 I mean). I really want to be Riolu with Zorua as my partner.


Well-Known Member
Of the ones they have revealed, I would choose Tepig as my main, and Pikachu as my partner. If there are going to be more choices, I think I would like a team of Munchlax and Riolu. But unless I'm really unhappy with whoever the game assigns me, I think I'll be good with whatever it gives me.


Well-Known Member
From the ones that have been revealed, I'll be an Oshawott, though I'm still deciding between Snivy & Axew as a partner. Oshawott is my starter in White and my favorite of the 3 Unova Starters, so that was an obvious choice. Snivy is my starter in White 2, though I had an Axew in White and Haxorus is my second favorite Pokémon. I usually have a Water Starter and another starter for the hero/partner, so I might go for Axew (plus it is a lot better than Snivy, honestly), though having my starter form White and my starter from White 2 would be cool. I guess I'll wait for more info to be revealed. Maybe if they make a Wonder Mail Generator for this game, I could easily have all 3.