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What starter will you be on PMD : Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth?


1 more day ^^
I'm playing as oshawot and my partner will either be snivy or pikachu.

Rayze Darr

Snubbull Supporter
Choosing from the downright insulting selection of starter Pokemon that we have, I chose my favorite standard BW starter, Tepig, to be myself. As for my partner, I selected the only Pokemon that is semi-nonstandard, Axew.

No more Phanpy/Riolu or Cyndaquil/Shinx combos for me. Yes, I'm still bitter about this. >.>


What do I do now?
I'm not even sure if I'll buy the game at this point :/ It's wierd, it feels like a spin off of a spin off to me. Like it's not a main mystery dungeon game for whatever reason. I also feel iffy about the fact that there is a very limited starter choice and you can't recruit, from what I've heard, a good portion of legendaries, which was always fun for me.

Overall: If I'm going to buy this game, then something needs to change and draw my eye fast

If I do end up playing though, I would be a Pikachu to continue my test results (in the first game, I rigged it in the others XD) and either an Oshawott or an Axew
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Demo-wise, I'm an Oshawott with my partner as Axew. My best friend got the demo the same day, and he's an Axew with an Oshawott partner.


Rescue Team Awesome
From the demo I chose pikachu, as it's the only femininish looking one at evolution, with partner axew. I'm still disappointed at the limited starters and vulpix not being one.


I guess Snivy because its one of my favourite Pokemon from Gen5 or maybe Tepig because its so cute. I haven't decided yet. ^^;
Already have my money set aside, going to get the game on released day... it will be my 1st 3ds game too.

I'm really want to play as Oshawott - I love this sea otter Pokemon, and have Snivy as my partner.

Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
Oshawott is my main and Snivy (originally going to be Pikachu) as my partner.


Excellent Driver
My friend told me that since there are a bunch of Ice dungeons in this game, I should pick Oshawott and Tepig.

So obviously I chose Snivy and Axew.


~*~The Sky Tamer~*~
I chose Oshawott in the demo, so most likely Oshawott :)


I smash your Boxes.
I'm Snivy, and my sis picked axew foe me as a partner. Just when I had decided to not use Axew but Oshawott instead <_<


Well-Known Member
I will be Pikachu and my Partner will be Axew because I cannot stand the Unova starters and I don't hate Pikachu like everyone else.


Rescue Team Awesome
I will be Pikachu and my Partner will be Axew because I cannot stand the Unova starters and I don't hate Pikachu like everyone else.

Yay! Finally someone else! XD one thing I do want to know though is if they allow you to evolve before finishing the game this time. Anyone know?