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What starter will you be on PMD : Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth?


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Yay! Finally someone else! XD one thing I do want to know though is if they allow you to evolve before finishing the game this time. Anyone know?

Nope! I'm pretty sure it's just like TDS, your other Poké can evolve after main final battle, but you have to do something else too. (Marine Resort in last installment)


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In the demo I picked Oshawott as myself and Tepig as a partner


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I will probably pick Pikachu or Axew, I have never played a game in this series so I don't know how this works.


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When I pick up the game tomorrow and whenever I play it, I'll probably hope to get Pikachu.... or maybe Axew... Forgot about PMD games having a 'personality test' thing to pick your own starter. I hope Pikachu. For partner, well, I guess Oshawott or Axew if we can choose.


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I bought the game, I should receive it in few days, like 2 or 3...
By now, I played on the demo version and my team is consist of...
Max the Pikachu (♂) and Varathela the Snivy (♀) !
I wanted to pick them because I like Pikachu's personnality, also because the last time I played with a Pikachu, it was in my Leaf Green game (and he since evolved). For Snivy, well I picked Oshawott in my Black game and White 2 game, and since Snivy is the most feminine character here, I wanted to take her. I also love Ash's Snivy, so it has made my choice. I hope that team will be as good as my first Mystery Dungeon adventure of Squirtle and Torchic in Red Rescue Team.
Check out my signature for more details ! :D
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Can't wait to get this game! As of now on the demo, I have Anna the Snivy and Matt the Oshawott.


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Hey guys I just got the game today at my Gamestop...luckily I got a copy didn't get a chance to reserve *sighs in relief*

I am Oshawott with Tepig as Partner

Vallera the Oshawott and Mephiss the Tepig


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In the demo, my starter was a Snivy and my partner an Oshawott. If I decide to get the full game, that will be my setup.


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My starters are Snivy and Pikachu, which are the same starters I picked when I downloaded the demo. (*sniffle* My personal Charmander curse has been broken. ;w; In past games, I've always gotten Charmander on the first try, regardless of the surveys given to me. xD In the case here, there were no survey nor Kanto starters. lol)
Snivy, because it's my favorite Unova starter. Pikachu, because I've had Pikachu for a partner back in the Red/Blue Rescue Team days. :]
I didn't nickname my Pikachu; but I nicknamed my Snivy, Lanayru.


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if axew is a starter, i would be him, then choose charmander, should we come across ice pokes


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I'm really glad I picked Snivy as my starter, since its ability to use Reflect and Light Screen has allowed to me to live through numerous situations I surely wouldn't have survived otherwise.
When I finally get the game, I'm picking Snivy with Axew as my partner.


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I'm just going to be whoever I get from the test. As long as its actually a starter and not Chikorita. I like spicing things up.

This sums up what I am about to say.


I went Oshawott starter and Pikachu for partner.
Pikachu for partner was the easy choice. Since Explorers is what got me back into Pokemon (5+ year break before Explorers) and Pikachu was my partner there.
Agonized over the starter selection screen for several minutes during the demo, but in the end, I chose Oshawott. Can't believe it's already been a week since I beat the game.

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I'm downloading the game from the eshop right now, but in the demo, I picked Axew, and Pikachu as my partner, since they're my 2 favorite pokemon.