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What starter will you choose?

Which starter will you chose?

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Ace Trainer
Post your favorite starter and why.


Chose Piplup in Diamond, so I suppose I'll use Turtwig this time, as it's definitely my next-favorite. Infernape just looks ugly.


Beginning Trainer
looking over the gyms, I think I'm going with turtwig, and transfer over eggs of chimchar and piplup (got those ready in my PC on diamond, thank you ditto!!!) one question. do special even pokemon (ie magmorter and electrivire) suffer from the badge restrictions like traded pokemon do? (where they don't listen to you)

Dragon Rules

No longer trading.
Piplup,since I'd chose Chimchar in Pearl.


Active Member
Chimcar because i love him because i love monkeys and he is cute yes i am a male and i said that


a t l a n t i s
Probably Turtwig. Then transfer Lickitung over. :D


<- Zap Cannon Espeon
I'm going for Turtwig. S/he is like Squirtle, except s/he is a Grass-type and s/he will become part Grass-type later on...

And I should try starting with a Grass starter for once.

hello moto

Top of the morning
Choosing Chimchar, I like the mean backsprite of infernape. But i'm sending some pokes from diamond so i might not end up raising the chimchar.

Hyper Chibi Absol

The Dark Goddess
Well... Chimchar's not my favorite but I already picked Piplup in my Diamond version. And of course I won't pick Turtwig. :/ Not cute enough.

So... Chimchar'll be my Platinum starter.


Nine one six ~
Probably Turtwig because I chose Chimchar in Diamond. Since there are so many Water Pokemons in the game, I don't feel like choosing Piplup.


Foreva and alwaez...
piplup because he's so cute!
*hugs piplup!*


Well-Known Member
Its simple:
Diamond: Turtwig
Pearl: Infernape
Platinum: Piplup

This is how I'v done it since RBY, and its worked out pretty well.


Paul's fan
i choose piplup in diamond and i regret it, ill go with chimchar (there aint enough fire types till after the elite four) and ill trade a turtwig and a piplup over to it


Well-Known Member
Uhh Chimchar since I picked piplup in diamond and turtwig in pearl so and plus he is awesome!


i chose piplup, but thats just until i can trade stuff over.