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What starter will you choose?

Which starter will you chose?

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Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
I am following choosing Piplup. I might keep it as a piplup or I might evolve it. But I don't plan it to be my main In-Game/Plot pokemon..... *CoughPichuand thenPikachuCough*


Rockstar Drift
I have picked Chimchar in both Diamond and Pearl. I think I will go with Turtwig in Pokemon Platinum this time.

Overheat Hothead

Custom User Title
I generally like Chimchar more. I think he's pretty cool looking and I like his evolutions. I'm nearly certain I'm going with him. I also got a Chimchar in my first Diamond. For my second Diamond and my Pearl, I didn't use starters.


Good boy.
And I'll send over 2 Eevee for Espeon and Umbreon.

Why not just one? Bebe gives you one for free when you get to Hearthome, even if you don't have the national dex.

As for me, I'm going to start with Chimchar again. :]
I had the most fun when I chose him on my first diamond version file I ever started.


BeatFreaks Fo Lyfe<3
I'm choosing Turtwig, like I did in Pearl. I usually always get my favourite starter in each game. Like for example in both Ruby and Emerald I got Torchic.


I am going to be choosing Piplup. :3
The little bugger is so cute, plus I love water starters.

Ghost Dialga

Master Trainer
I'm choosing Piplup. I'm not sure exactly why I want Piplup, but part of the reason is in the first two games, I chose the Fire starter, in last two, I chose the Grass starter, so I want to try out the water starter. Turtwig is still my favorite, but....


Well-Known Member
Its a toss up between Turtwig & Piplup. I think its going to be a game time decision for me.
Piplup, since I desire to try the water starter this time. After all you have better fire pokemon options in this game. (Houndour for example)
I'll pick Turtwig, since the replacement I'm trading in will be a water-type. I really don't like any of the Sinnoh starters.


The Ghost of Tsushima
I'll choose turtwig, I always choose the grass starter each gen :D


Like Wailords.
Turtwig, no doubt about it. Turtwig and Torterra are my favourite ones from Gen IV, so of course I start the game with that lovely grass turtle.
Even I have always liked water type the most, I don't like Piplup much and I found it a little boring and not so cute as many other water type pokémon. And Chimchar... Never liked fire types much.


So Cool
Chimchar hands down. I love the fire starters in every game. Dont get me wrong I love the others but I feel I have to pick Chimchar this time.

mew-the original

I'm going with Chimchar, in Pearl I chose Piplup, in Diamond I chose Turtwig, so I wouldn't want to leave the poor monkey out. Plus Infernape's looks have really grown on me since I saw the Plt. sprites. =]
I'm not really bothered because I have my team planned out but probably Turtwig, I liek him more.

Fire Storm

Well-Known Member
Chances are I'll choose Chimchar, but I won't use it. I'm ev training a team of level 5's (harder than you might think...) to trade over ASAP. I think the unique array of Pokemon will make my team more interesting.

I am being careful not to make it too easy. Only one of the Pokes has egg move advantage and I'm not trading over items (so no evolving Snorunt until I actually get a Dawn Stone).