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What starter will you choose?

Which starter will you chose?

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AKA Ados.
Turtwig as I resetted for all them in Diamond so my official starter was Piplup and in Pearl I had Chimmy so It's Turtwig time! (I am trading a Chimmy egg over)


<-- Aint it awzum ?
I will probably choose Chimchar, but I will trade over the other starters from my Diamond too. :)

Crystal Firestorm

Well-Known Member
I'll probably choose Piplup because I used Turtwig in Pearl and Chimchar in Diamond. However, I'm trading over some other pokemon so I won't use it.


Since I picked Turtwig in Diamond I'll probably pick Piplup in Platinum, love the type combo. Though I'll just end up trading the other starters anyway.


Panda Power
i think i'll choose Chimchar because i chose piplup in pearl and i chose turtwig in diamond
and i can trade those 2 over once i beat platinum
I am probably chose chimchar because infernape rules...but I am on the fence about it now that there are more fire types to chouse from (aka. Magmortar). And empolion looks fat to me...
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Turtwig for the simple fact that it's a turtle. ^^'


100% Rebel Time Lord
Turtwig, he's my favorite Sinnoh starter.
I don't like Torchic-Rip Off and I used Piplup in Diamond.


The Underdog
Piplup, most likely, unless I decided between now and like 4 days that I don't want a Water Team, but, I chose Piplup in Diamond, and I like how Empoleon is part steel, plus, I'm gonna battle my friend after our teams are complete and they love fire types, so, easy win for me ;)


definitely infernape...i love that chimp:)


Event collector
i would choose chimchar because i am obsest with the fire starters i always choose them
but in diamond and pearl i choose the other for a change so i will choose chimchar


Well-Known Member
Certainly going to be turtwig :D that little tortoise is the only starter i deemed not to be a bit boring (piplup) or a rip off (Chimchar, putting the way more awesome torchic in the shadows!)


Turtwig because I usually never start my games with grass types. I can always get Chimchar and Piplup from Pearl anyways.
I think I'll choose Chimchar, because I chose Turtwig last time.


Did it on 'em
If I bother to take the time to train any of them. Personally I've never been a fan of the three, and what I'm most likely to do is make a fresh start by importing an egg of a starter from another generation. So... Tododile, anyone?


Darkness Eternal
On my first playthrough, Turtwig. I already played through my d/p with chimcar and piplup. On my third playthrough, I'll trade over a cyndaquail egg and use him as my stater. =P (I think I can do that)