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What starter will you choose?

Which starter will you chose?

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Joshua O'Donnell

The Pokemon Trainer
I choose piplup in my diamond version, maybe I'm going to use it again or to chimchar


Rocket Admin Lapis
Piplup, because I've never actually played all of the way thru Diamond or Pearl starting with it. I just never really found the little guy that attractive of a choice compared to the other two. Don't know why, really.


I havent played D/P yet, but i want to pick turtwig, but i want to train a roserade too... dont know what to do...


♪How do I look?♪
Chimchar, me and my sister both agreed on it as we have Piplup on our Diamond.
Probably Turtwig. In my first run in Pearl I used Piplup and really regretted it. In my second run in Pearl I used ChimChar and got it to about level 95 so I really don't want to do that again. Plus I ever really used the grass starter so this will be a first.


Well-Known Member
ive got both pearl and diamond which i have fully beaten and have played it seriously training my party pokemon to level90's.

Pearl : Piplup - Prinplup - Empoleon
Diamond : Chimchar - Monferno - Infernape

so i guess for Platinum : Turtwig - Grotle - Torterra
Turtwig cause i started with piplup im pearl, and using chimchar i feel would be to easy and quick (considering gym types) and i want to go through the game slowly so turtwig for me.


i'm a carrot.
Piplup, I think! On my Diamond game I started with Turtwig, and I don't really like Chimchar that much. :D I might just put the Piplup in the computer, though and use a Bidoof or Shinx as my "starter."
Turtwig. I've used Piplup continuously on my D/P and I don't like Chimchar at all. I'm going to send over a Cyndaquil and Totodile egg though. ^^
Chimchar but I'll then trade over a Torchic from diamond and play through the game with that since I prefer Blaziken to infernape


giratina hunter
chimchar cuz infernape is awesome
im going to choose piplup,i havent tried him out it yet like chimchar and turtwig


Trade Junkie
I'm choosing chimchar, I tried piplup last time. I probably won't use him though, because i'm taking the scramble challenge (see my spoiler).