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What starter will you choose?

Which starter will you chose?

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Well-Known Member
I'll probably choose Piplup, but I might not use my starter this time. Instead, I might just transfer over an egg or two of Johto Pokemon.


Gray Trainer
idk in my pearl i picked a turtwig because i thought he was cool and i have always loved the grass starters, and i dont really like piplup because it seems to be all over the place (well at least to me anyways), so this time i may pick chimchar as i want to try something different. so idk i am still stuck on making that decition


Awaiting B&W
I'll choose Chimchar again but I will be trading over 6 eggs so I won't be using him.


Shiny Hunter
I think i might choose Piplup cause every time i start over in my Diamond i choose Turtwig or Chimchar. So i might try Piplup.


Well-Known Member
Im gona chose Piplup because I chose Turtwig in Diamond and I got him as my partner pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2. xD
I'm chosing Turtwig because it's the starter I'm good with :/ I've overused Piplup and I don't like Chimchar...


Platinum Owner!
I'm choosing chimchar. I always choose fire-types as my starter,
especially in my first intro into the next gen.

I love how the starters are pretty even. lol


New Member
Well I'm starting out with Turtwig becuase I had a Piplup in Pearl. But When I beat the third gym I'm trading Spinda over As my starter and just keep Turtwig in my PC till I need him.

Kanto Homie

New Member
;389;;389;it's kinda hard since i like empoleon and torterra.. but since i have a piplup in my diamond i think im getting myself a turtwig.


kiss my greens
Since I chose Turtwig in Diamond, and Piplup in Pearl, I am choosing Chimchar this time ^^ But I am going to be using a hatched Chimchar transferred from Diamond. Too bad, so sad :(


I chose Chimchar in Pearl, so I'm probably going to choose Piplup in Platinum.


Dance Chimmy dance!
I think I'm going with Turtwig because I've only chosen him once or twice in the many times I reset my diamond.


Formerly Torterra14
I'm going for Turtwig again.

I choose him in Diamond, Chinchar in Pearl ,then Piplup in Pearl after I restarted again.


le quant-à-soi
I've chosen Piplup and Turtwig in Diamond, so I wanted to choose Chimchar, as I have never chosen a Fire Starter (except maybe in Blue, can't really remember). I'm really tied now, can't decide!


Dark Trainer
I dunno, maybe Turtwig over Piplup, in Diamond I started with Chimchar...