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What style of the forum is your favourite?


Kid with Pantz
Tyranitar Skin is cool.


Bird Keeper
I use the Flying-type style. ^_^ I just love bird Pokémon! <3 And I love that its mascot is my favourite Pokémon of all time: Pidgeot!

Sunset Star

The DS Gamer
My favourite skin is... The Psychic-type skin. Although I'm currently using the Flying-type skin.​


Eldritch Abomination
Grass Type and Flying Type are the best to me, since looking to them doesn't hurt my eyes like Psychic, Dragon and some others.


Legendary Assassin
I for one, checked all of them before deciding on the default skin. The rest just looked sorta weird to me...


Painis Cupcake
Its a tie between the Dark type and Black and White type.

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
The skins are made to represent something, not the banner. The black and white skin is black and white. The black and white 2 skin would be black and white. The Kami trio aren't the mascots of either sets of game.