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What the heck is going on?!


Digimon still exists?! *passes out* Did it copy the main part of the game such as using the top thingy to control pokemon?


Jirachi's Helper
I thought Digimon left a while ago! Since when does it come back AND copy Pokemon. Hasn't it copied it already?

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Hopelessly Hopeful
It isn't, there is a battle system you can create your own digimon....read before post.

Digimon? What is that!?


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Uhh if they had a top that you had to circle around the digimon then i might be scared but Digimon World DS is nothing like Ranger. Its based off the Digimon World 1,2 and 3 games for Playstation. Please get your facts straight before making yourself look like an idiot.


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By saying that a game that was originally on the PS1 is a ripoff of a game on the DS. Thats just 1 reason


A shade of mystery
It's not really the same :\. Digimon and Pokemon are totally different, just both end with Mon.

Unless you're saying people having their own monsters and battling them is copyright to nintendo only...


Ami Obbsessed
lawl. I acutlly WANT Digimon World DS and not Pokemon Ranger. |D I always loved the first digimon game. :c Shame mine broke.

anyhoo, I heard it's based on Digimon World 3, which was out long before Ranger so um. hah. Oo; yea.

-digimon/poke'mon lover!-


Mayness Yayness!
No its not a copy, it looks good
Oh by the way I hear dragon ball are copying pokemon by making a new game...


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I saw that in wikipedia. Capture digimon, train and digivolve, battle friends, trhat is so pokemon! Those copycats


I like Pokemon and Digimon, I don't think they're copycats either, I mean it's kinda the same but not


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Oh Digimon-disliking Pokemon fans, you never fail to make me sigh, shake my head AND roll my eyes at the same time.


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I dont dislike digimon, I just think its weird that they're games invove capturing digimon, way too close to pokemon, next theyll be collecting badges

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Pretty Dolls
Your ignorance astounds me.

If you actually read [if you're capable of doing so, which I doubt] anything about the games, you'd know that they were totally different. Digimon World DS is, funnily enough, modelled on the fairly popular, Digimon World game for the Playstation which was released in 2000. Are they copying a game released six years after the concepts birth?

Are Digimon games not allowed to be on the DS platform? Because that's all that the two games have in common. Would you rather that Pokemon games were the only games to be published, on any platform? That's called a monopoly, and it's illegal you moron.

You're a fucking retard, get off of the forums.