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What The Heck

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I just saw Pokemon Black and White today it was pretty awesome. The Show feels very new and more mature, well for pokemon standards. The only thing that bothered me, well not really, but it just caught me off guard. I've been watching the show since it started, that's more than 12 years. Well the show started and they started talking about Ash and the announcer said "10 year old Ash..." how the heck is he still ten and he's been on 4 main journeys and 2 side journeys. There is no way that he is still ten.


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Didnt Ash and Pikachu celebrate 1 year together in the Pikachu short before the first movie? It was a long time ago that i watched it so can't remember specifically, but was pretty sure they had cake!
I have this feeling that it's Ash's descendant sharing the stories of his youth to the people around him. Think about it, how else would the Narrator know all of his adventures? Holy crap, what if the Narrator is Ash's dad? What if he is reading about his journey!?
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Time passes, but nobody ages. The formula makes no sense, but it's the one this series applies and it's easy to memorize. Now when will people stop making age threads or topics discussing the BW series when there are specific Episode Discussion threads for it? ;P
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