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what the hell

serebii.net banned me for no reason yes i am phenommewtwo
reply staff wy did you ban me huh reply damn it what the hell did i do huh


Heroes Clan Leader
well an attitude like that couldnt have helpeed

kenny thunder

the lati tamer
hmm you were at first some othe rmewtwo then phenomenon mewtwo and then not to long ago phenom mewtwo i think you need to change your name from something mewtwo to something else and change your avatar if you are gonna try to avoid a bann and if you are not him (which i seroisly doubt) then you shoulda picked some other stuff and if they bann you again (which they most likely will) and if you plan on making yet another account mix up the name a bit why dont you like mayby flamin lugia or something becides mewtwo then you might not get cuaght (know the serebii you will most likely get cuaght no matter what they are very smart) well thats why you got banned oh and a word of advice dont avoid a bann anymore serebii isnt really anything big enough to waste so much time on espcially since you keep gettin cuaght and then banned over and over


Completing The Trio
also just because you change the name you haev doesn't eman you can't be caught, the admins here can check the IP addresses of every member, so its not hard to find out if your a member evading a ban


Heroes Clan Leader
^^ exactly what i was going to say