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What Things Do You Absolutely Love?

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-my freinds(shoutout to porygon-xyz and absol6028)
-this gurl named megan i knew awile back
-baby back ribs
-hd telivoisoin
-trolling people
-this gurl named megan i knew awile back
-listings a long list of thing i truely love


Not a tool
I love birds. They're just so fun to draw. My agenda is filled with drawings of birds. In fact, I'm considering doing a full-body picture of a chicken rather than the usual portraits that I do.

Some other things I love are fossil pokemon. For the most part, they have the coolest designs and most creative origins (who would've thought that Cradily was actually a prehistoric crinoid) and they tend to be powerful as well. In addition, Game Freak wasn't very narrow-minded about them when they were created; a normal mind would have made the first prehistoric pokemon into dinosaurs or something obvious, but Game Freak went and made them into shellfish, which happen to be much more significant in the development of life as we know it. Even then, Archeops happens to be my favorite prehistoric pokemon since it's a cross between a bird and a fossil pokemon, two of my favorite things.

Other things I can think of are two detective shows that I like: Psych and Monk. Monk already ended a few years back, but Psych is still going strong. Monk is all about a detective with legendary skills of deduction, but his ability is constantly hampered by his obsessive-compulsive tendencies and a plethora of phobias. It can get pretty hilarious at times, and the plot of each episode is always fun to follow. Most of those things apply to Psych as well, except it's about a charismatic guy who has excellent attention to detail, so much so that everyone believes he's a psychic. Because of his talent, he often works with the police to solve cases.
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butts lol


Trader and Battler
Ice Cream and lots of other things.


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-Chocolate lava cakes
-Chinese Food
-My bed
-My friends
-My family

Flame Mistress

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I love...

Canines (sooooo fluffay~)
Canine-based Pokémon (Vulpix, Zorua, you know...)
Fire (the heat)
Fire (the element)
Fire-Type Pokémon (*pokes username*)
My iPhone (no iPhone means no Serebii!)
My bed (trolololol)
Animals in general
South Korea


♫ Ad vivere
-My family.
-English bulldogs (especially the ones I have, though. lol)
-My one best friend at the moment.
-My Bassoon
-Bassoon in general
-Tenor Saxophone
-Baritone Saxophone
-English Horn
-Bands that properly use woodwind/brass instruments
-Cold weather
-Snow and ice.
-Women (Yup. =P)


aka Lamia
I love:
  • my friends
  • my doggy
  • my car
  • anyones chocolate
  • my sleep
  • my phone
  • my laptop
  • anyones money
  • going out
  • long hair
  • autumn leaves!
My Cartman doll, It's so cute. ^-^
My female black cat, Finnigan.
Hot chocolate.
My 3DS.
My Samurott (his nickname is Kyle)

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Seeing others being immature--makes me feel better about myself.

On a more serious note, in no particular order:

  • Pokémon (duh)
  • writing
  • family time
  • drawing
  • reading
  • Christmas
  • going on a walk with my brothers
  • teaching the eight-year-olds at church
  • accents (accents are freakin' awesome)
  • randomness
  • cartoons
  • music
  • playing UNO with the family
  • puzzles
  • listening to/watching Let's Plays
  • listening to commentary on said-Let's Plays or DVD commentaries

And others I can't bother to put down because there's a lot.


OpInIoNaTeD at <3
The list of things I absolutley love goes as follows:

~> My religion
~>The entire feline species - there beauty is as striking as there ability to eliminate there pray and get what the want!
~> Anime's and cartoons - Fairy Tail, Avatar the Last Airbender ect
~> Writing - Mostly fantasies
~> Reading - Fantasy, mysteries and teenage dramas
~> The internet - collecting and processing information, online communities and all the access in the world to my favourite shows!
~> Children
~> Family and friends - Chatting about anything and everything, creating memories, doing good deeds for others out of thanks
~> Music - Only thing that doesn't walk away when you need it most
-My friends
-My family
-My dog
-Chocolate, and food in general
-My girlfriend
-Music, my guitar

Everyone will list the same things, friends, animals, blah blah.


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My dog
The colour Blue
Late nights
White chocolate
My games consoles & games
Takeshi's Castle
Letters from my penpal
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