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What things do you hope/expect to be added to Pokemon Go.

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The only thing I'm hoping for is that we'll be able to transfer directly into Pokémon Home some time this year. Most of my storage box is full of Gen 2-5 pokemon (most of which have great stats & IVs), so I can't send them through Let's Go tp save up space. I know it's a lot ask given the current global situation, but it would be nice if Go transfers come out alongside the Isle of Armor next month

Other than that, maybe a better way to detect raids for those of us who have remote raid passes but still can't join them since we live in suburban areas without any gyms or pokestops.
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Other than that, maybe a better way to detect raids for those of us who have remote raid passes but still can't join them since we live in suburban areas without any gyms or pokestops.

Niantic has stated that they'll eventually add the ability to invite friends to raid remotely, but of course that's only helpful assuming you have a friend who actively goes to raids.

Alternatively, just in case you didn't know, if you ever go to remotely feed a Pokémon in a gym you can't see, and that gym happens to have a raid on it, you can join that raid remotely after checking the gym.


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Things to be added in Pokemon
  1. I'd like to have special events where the mph cap is removed and I can go tearing down the interstate, hatching all dem eggs and racking up tons of candies for my rare, needs-5km-per-candy buddy Pokemon. Won't happen, but I'd like for it to.
  2. I second having another way to earn coins. Maybe by battling other players?
  3. I want all of Gen V to be released all at once and completely supplant the spawn rates of currently existing Pokemon, make it feel like the game is new again (or when Gen 2 was released and suddenly there were dozens of new Pokemon to catch). omegle
  4. I want the three separate teams to actually MEAN something in the game beyond "but now you don't get coins."
  5. I want Smeargle, because that empty spot in my Johto Dex is driving me crazy, etc.


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I am curious how they are going to handle Vivillon when it is officially released. Are they going keep it regional like the main games or will they allow all players to get the different patterns.

it would also be nice if Gamefreak would allow them to officially release Eternal Floette since Gamefreak seems to have forgotten about it.

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I want Smeargle, because that empty spot in my Johto Dex is driving me crazy, etc.
Huh? That's not even a regional Pokemon. You just need to wait until its Event and take a snapshot of your Buddy Pokemon, it will photobomb you.

Ditto B1tch

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I expected they would allow us to play in home because of the quarentine/lock-down.
But Niantic doesn't care, you still have to go out there puting yourself at risk of getting corona


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I wonder if we will ever have events featuring the other villainess teams? Looking back on it I wish they would have used the idea of Rainbow Rocket for GO. I think it would be a lot more fun to fight the various Team leaders and administrators along with Jesse and James rather than the same 2 grunts and the occasional Jesse and James encounter.

I also think it would be fun if they had a special weekend where the gyms were taken over by the game gym leaders and featured them and their teams. To expand on this they could also include all the Elite Four members as well as the main characters and rivals.


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The ability to evolve Pikachu, Exeggcute, and Cubone into their Alolan variants would be a good thing... Maybe via a Alola Stone?

Maybe condense all the Johto evolution items into a "Johto Stone" so that the individual items don't take up space? I know that some of the Unovan mons use the Sun Stone to evolve, but those could just be reprogrammed to work with the already occurring Unova stone.


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All I would like to see is better Pokemon rewards in The Battle League (you have to be ridiculously high level in the league just to get to decent pokemon)

And better Pokemon Community pokemon. How many times have we had Kanto Starters? Charmander especially? Or something worthless like a Weedle?? It used to alternate between a Starter and a 'Rare' pokemon (like Larvitar, Beldum, or Bagon). We're getting Sinvy next month, which at least hasn't been done yet, but I really would like to see something hard to find for a Community Day pokemon like Deino, Darumaka with the chance of the Galarian variant, or Axew?


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How much time do you spend on average on the game? I haven't played yet, I'm afraid I won't be able to stop XD It may sound ridiculous, but still?


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A Number on the Gym Raids telling how many people are in a raid or not
That way I can keep the game on the Overworld map in case I get raid invites.
Be able to place your Pokemon in any location in AR mode instead of finding them
Clothes for Ninetales, Espeon and Lucario, Yveltal, Lugia, Dialga and Articuno.
Korrina Clothes and Pose in the store(Don't think I will be reaching Legend rank here haven't really done PVP stuff much)
Being able to see the start date on your friends list(Although you can see the Year.)
A Region Exclusive Festival bring every region exlusive Pokemon to each region.


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I would love to see another switch game that is compatible with go like in let's go Pikachu / Eevee (easier to transfer shiny Legendries and Mythical Pokémon with the ability to get the nature you wanted.


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