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What type of player are you?


Battle Lover
I dabble in pretty much everything. I have all the unown, eveelutions, and a few shinies, I have the well-trained team shown in my sig, My flygon has like 22 ribbons and lucario 15, I hatched out most of my team myself (Flygon, Lucario, Raichu, Venusaur, Blastoise), so, Other, for sure.


Moron with reason
I'm probably a trainer and a hint of a breeder and a collector.

I not mad on contests and some appearances.

that is all.............


Rocket Champion


Fear the Deer
Trainer, Breeder, Collector, trader, and chainer.

If the last two don't count, just ignore them.


Come to me...
Mostly a trainer, breeder, and shiny collector put into a blender. Not much of a Co-Ordinator though; I hate contests.


RPH Elite Trainer
I am a trainer and a collector, because I train competitively and I catch 'em all!
Trianer forever battels and the road to be a master


Pokemon Master
i am a trainer who battles to be a pokemon master.
but i am also a breeder sometimes to get the right nature.
in my previous games i used to collect all the pokemons.

can anyone tell me y my posts dont go high


Written Insanity~
I'm basically everything besides a coordinator D; but I even try my hand at that and have won a few master rounds hahha.


<--Watching You
I'd say other for me. I'm not much of a competetive battler, (Although I will have a go when I get Platinum!) I'm a bit of a co-ordinator, and I do train in-game. I'm not much of a collector, and I only breed for female Wobbuffets (They crack me up!)


Live Without Warning
I'd say I'm a trainer, breeder and collector.

- I breed for IV's, natures and the occasional egg move.
- I battle with the Pokémon I've bred competitively.
- I like to complete the Pokédex.

Mariku -- kitten

Toshiya lover<3
In Ruby, I was a Coordinator. It led to me making an RP character that was a coordinator, too.
In Diamond, I'm a novice collector of Shinies~ I'm getting into breeding soon, too, so that my future Platinum Party will be perfect.


i heart manga!!!
im probably an other.