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What type of Pokémon gamer are you?

Are you a competitive or a casual Pokémon trainer?

  • Competitive.

    Votes: 54 35.3%
  • Casual.

    Votes: 99 64.7%

  • Total voters


Latios, don't go!!
Since I don't have wifi, i'm a casual. But I'm starting try my hand with EV training and I will always make sure that my pokemon has a good nature.


I recently got the WiFi Connection running but until now I haven't tried a battle..It's just a little bit hard to find 6 Pokes that can team up and then ev train them..I don't want a everyones-standard-team so I try using faves..I just can't end the ev-training with all of them..


I can't really say I'm competitive nor casual, therefore I'm just an in-betweener.


See you starside
I play both sides of the spectrum, I keep competitive teams (not very good ones) and my old favorites. I enjoy battling online, but the Game itself still has meaning to me, and I still feel an attachment to my pokemon. I'd lean more at casual, citing my inexperience in the competitive world.


Music Man
I'm quite like you, Zalman. I was very casual until recently. I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm not casual now, but I'm more competitive-oriented. It just adds more to the game.


Well-Known Member
I'm more in between, but lean more to the casual. I don't EV train and I can't tell one tier from another, but I'm pretty strategic overall.


Rikudou Master
I don't really know. I would say competitive but I dislike battling other people and I play and focus on Pokemon more then a casual player.


What is this I don't
I'm an event collector...

I can see it now...

Hundreds apon hundreds of rows of cylindrical tanks.

Out of the shadows draws an odd shape of a man.

"Eheh...as you may well be aware of...I collect, EVENTS!"

Light fills the gigantic room. Inside the tanks swirl colors of marvelous fluid.

"Each tank contains a specific moment in time, each one occuring as soon as a certain pokemon is released." "Why would I collect these precious treasures you ask?"

"Because. I. CAN."


Ive Been Casual Until D/P Came Out, And With Its WiFi Abilities, I Moved Into Competitive...Which Is Pretty Fun


~Johto Fanatic~
Ive always been a competative battler. I hate losing so I always train constantly and buy and find items that I can use to create new strategies.

As for being casual. I collect some pokemon and never use them unless I notice a nice nature or moveset that I can use for contests. Thats a different story. =)


<-- Ain't it cute?
im extremely casual, due to the fact that if i was competitive, ID SUCK!!!! i dont have the patience to breed for natures or EV train. which is why id never post a rate my team, cause if someone were to suggest a different nature, id go crazy telling them i dont have that kind of patience. nearly all my movesets repeat a type, and i dont have one designated HM slave: my main team all know HMs so i fight with a pokemon knowing rock smash. the point is, im way too bad to be competitive.
I'm basically a casual Pokemon gamer. I like EV training (in most cases) during the game and to battle friends, but I must admit I prefer using my favorites more than simply going full-bore into being competitive


I'm somewhere in between. I've recently started EV Training but I still use my favourites. Right now I'm working on a Golduck team. I bred seven Psyduck, and only one was a reject. ;054; So I'm not so competetive that I'll only use the "best" Pokémon. I also grow very attached to them, and even my reject gets love. I also have a lot of fun playing Online.


Well-Known Member
I'm mostly casual. I EV some of the time and sometimes breed enough to get the right nature, but I never do anything for IVs. Additionally, I very rarely have any semblence of a rounded team. I don't use many walls or bulky Pokmeon and mainly make teams of sweepers with somewhat balanced types.