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What "unexpected" characters do you think will appear in the stadium during the M8 storyline?


Unova Power

Last hopium that they don’t forget best guy

Almighty Zard

He has returned.
i know two characters i'd love to see...even if it was just for one scene that probably ain't ever gonna happen, and plus i think one's Va is under fire or something.

Barry and Bianca show up, running towards Ash, he jumps out of the way and they crash into each other, Barry into a fountain or something and he threatens to fine her.

maybe Georgia too for Iris.


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Dent has to show up and support both his friends, just give him a silent cameo, I know his VA is probably expensive.
This, show him when Ash and Iris fighting watching on a tv from some place, him and Trip to please his fans which I was surprised he had.

Than show Dawn/Paul/Barry/Angie / Paul’s bro watching when Ash fights Cynthia.

I’m hoping for May/Max/May’s family whoever was Ash’s rivals in AG.

I have no hope for any one watching during Alan’s battle besides his close friend boy will she be sad.

Hoping for Serena and other XY friends/rivals cameo.


Unrelated(?), but in just a few more episodes, Iris will have appeared in more episodes than Clemont and Bonnie, making her the 7th (just like her rank in the PWC) most recurring protagonist in the anime

Why are Clemont and Bonnie at 144? They should be at 142 (XY plus their two episodes in JN) unless the two would be the XY special and the flashback in 105