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What "unexpected" characters do you think will appear in the stadium during the M8 storyline?


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Why are Clemont and Bonnie at 144? They should be at 142 (XY plus their two episodes in JN) unless the two would be the XY special and the flashback in 105
Lol it’s sad. Koharu is at only 44


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So.... will they explain why Chloe isn't here? I personally never believed she had to be at Ash's matches but perhaps an explanation instead of just icing her out


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What unexpected character do I think will appear in the stadium during the Masters Tournament? Ash's Aunt Hillary.


I think at least one Galarian Gym Leader who hasn't appeared in the anime yet may show up in the stands. Many possibilities exist; it's difficult for me not to mention most of them.


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I'm pretty certain Dawn, Serena, Cilan, Clermont, Bonnie and some of the Alola cast will be there. I'm excited/anxious to see Cilan reunite with his two former companions/now turned Champions, they've grown so much since Best Wishes.


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N. I would really love it if he reappeared in some way. Not sure if cheering for Ash is the reason to bring him back, but maybe just a scene where he is watching the PWC on TV could be great. I think we should have explored more from his character and have him as some sort of recurring rival. Him winning the league over Virgil would be more iconic.

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I can almost guarantee that Iris and the Alola gang will be spectators, and I wouldn't be surprised of Dawn showed up either. Not sure about Brock, Clemont and Bonnie, but I wouldn't be surprised to see 'em either. Cilan could go either way. Serena though...yeah, I don't see her being in the same physical space as Ash, since there's a possibility that both of them could somehow run into each other, which the writers are apparently terrified of.

So the most surprising characters to see in the stands would be her and Koharu.


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Congrats, Mairin. You returned only to leave crying.

Also, are flight tickets that expensive to get you to Galar or what.
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Since we saw an un expected perfection, Mairin, I wont be surprised if we see more Kalos characters .. Maybe Bonnie and Clemont