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What Video Game are you currently playing?


mia san mia
What Video Game(s) are you currently playing?

This Thread is very simple. Discuss what Video Game(s) you are currently playing. Tell about it, what you think of it, and how far you are. Ok, I'll start off.

Currently I've been playing Kingdom Hearts II and Final Fantasy IX.

Kingdom Hearts II is the sequel for Kingdom Hearts made by Buena Vista Games and Square-Enix. Characters: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey. Basically you manuever through different Disney Worlds and save them from creatures with no hearts (Heartless) and no bodies (Nobodies). So far I've beat the story and have seen the ending. But I'm going back through and completing Jiminy's Journal. Jiminy keeps a Journal that records your accomplishments and gives certain missions. You may also find info by referring to Jiminy's Journal, making it very useful. Anyways, I've been Synthesizing materials and completing missions. Also I've been leveling up anything that can level up. Except for Moogles, because they're maxed out now.

As for Final Fantasy IX, I've already beat the game, but I'm going back through to complete more sidequests. Currently I'm heading towards Burmecia for the first time with Zidane, Freya, Quina, and Vivi. Final Fantasy IX was created by Squaresoft and is the ninth game in the Final Fantasy series. Story: Powerful Empire trying to conquer the known world. Characters: Zidane, Vivi, Steiner, Sarah, Eiko, Amarant, Quina, and Freya. The plot gets deeper as other people become involved along with another world even. Final Fantasy IX mixes the best elements from old and new Final Fantasy Video Games.

So, what Video Game(s) are you currently playing and such?
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Well, im currently playing both Myst III: Exile and Ratchet: Deadlocked.

For Myst III, you pretty much do everything you would do in a Myst game: discover puzzles, find out how to complete them, complete them and figure out exactly what youre supposed to do next. In the 3rd Myst game, you are one of Atrus's good friends and have come to see his latest book/age called Releeshahn. However, after you ve looked at the book, some guy(later becomes known as Saveedro) comes and takes away Releeshahn, but leaves behind a linking book to the age called: J'nanin. For those who do not know what a linking book is, it is a special book that at the front contains an image that you simply place your hand on and you teleport to that particular age. Anyways, once you arrive, you need to follow this man in order to get Releeshahn back. There are several puzzles you need to do in order to get to him, and you need to go to 3 different ages in order to find symbols that will grant you access to the age that Saveedro ran off to. Im currently about to go to Amateria, or the Dynamics age. This will hopefully be my second time beating this game.

Now for Ratchet: Deadlocked. In this game, you play as Ratchet; a young Lombax with a wrench that has saved his home galaxy once and the Bogon galaxy. In this game, you and youre friends are kidnapped by a media mogul named Gleeman Vox who runs a special combat sport "Holovision" series called: Dreadzone. This combat sport pits various heroes in different arenas and challenges, and they must complete them or perish. So, you need to do several things in this game: beat Dreadzone, beat the Exterminators, accomplish each challenge, all the while giving time for Clank and Al to find a way to remove the deadly deadlock collars around your necks. I have beaten this game several times and am now going for my 3rd finish in normal mode and my 3rd finish in challenge mode.



mia san mia
I read about Must III a while ago and it sounded interesting. Not to mention it still does. I might play that game sometime. More information on Final Fantasy IX:

It was released in 2000 and won numerous Video Game Awards such as the 4th Annual Interactive Achievment Award for Animation, Art Direction, and Console Role Playing Game. However, Europe recieved Final Fantasy IX in 2001. As for Kingdom Hearts, it was released everywhere but Japan in 2006. Japan recieved it in 2005. It hasn't recieved any awards....YET. But it is a very good game that is a quick seller.
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Well right now I'm playing nothing, but about an hour ago I was playing Drill Dozer for the GBA. 'Tis an excellent old-school platformer that was just released a few months ago, and it was made by Game Freak. That's right, they do more than just Pokemon! It feels a lot like their other platformer, Pulseman, despite the gameplay mechanics being entirely different. And for the 99.9% of you who aren't helped by that statement at all, well, you pilot a small mech suit with a giant drill for a weapon. Said drill is also used for tunneling, breaking blocks, and surviving clever jumping segments. There's a good amount of challenge in the secret areas, and nice, creative bosses to boot. Any fan of 2D platformers must look into this. [/shamelessplug]

ViNe WhIp

Johto Champion
Well right now I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 1, its really good so far. I'm almost done with it but and when I finish I'll start KH2 (I don't feel like getting KH: CoM right now) which I have already bought, its just stting on my desk lol.
I (like Ontachi) am playing Kingdom Hearts 2 right now (was playing FF IX a week before 2 came out) I am currently doing an experiment to find out if the Station of Awakening is part of the World that Never Was.

Chaotic Houndoom

Dark Trainer
Playing Kingdom Hearts one, pretty much what The Fullmetal Alchemist said. Planning on finishing the first one to play the second, I heard you've gotta play the first one to get the second, because Kingdom Hearts II goes back to Kingdom Hearts I. Like flash backs.
Ohtachi said:
How are you going to conduct this Experiment? Also, will this have any relevance with where Sora woke up at in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts? Please specify.

Ok, SOMETIME in Twilight Town before you get in the Gummi Ship from the Mysterious Tower, you are in The World That Never Was (game counts time for that world before you ever get there) I have found out that it is NOT one of the cutscenes, since the first time I played, I had 3 minutes on TWTNW clock before I could enter, and last time I had 6 minutes, and I did not skip cutscenes each time. I found out last time that it is not the Station of Calling, or Serenity, which means all that is left of that place is the Station of Awakening. Which would make sense because Sora fights Roxas at the Stage of Awakening while he was in the WTNW, so I guess it counts it as that. Anyway, I got to the Twilight Thorn battle, and I am now pausing the game for the next hour, if when I finally get the Gummi Ship later tonight when I am Sora, the Game clock is about an hour more than TT clock, than I will have proof that I am right.
That is for sure, but everyone is easier on KH, since you can spam Curaga forever, not so much on KH II

Sonozaki Maya

realized seraph
Yep, Curaga now steals all your MP and Damage Aspel can't do jack about that.

Anyway, I'm playing Wild ARMs: The 4th Detonator on my 2nd playthrough using an EX Game File, and I'm almost at the final dungeon. Hours clocked: 10:something

Omega Pirate

shove it up ya bum!
I'm playing two games at the mo, Animal Crossing: Wild World and Metroid Prime.

Animal Crossing: Wild World is basically a tweaked version of Animal Crossing on Gamecube (though oddly enough with the same graphics). Your a human moving to a new town, through a series of questions in the cab on the way to the town it is determined what you will look like and what you sex you are. When you arrive you are met by Tom Nook, a merchant in the town of whatever name you choose. Basically the aim of the game is to pay off your mortgage to Nook (every time you pay one off you are given the option to make you house bigger and then have to pay that bill aswell), make the interior of your house as appealing or point obtaining as possible, collect things for the local museum such as fossils and peices of art. There are a bundle of other things to do, catch bugs or go fishing, create your own clothing through a MS paint like program where you can draw your own clothes. You can even design the constellations that appear in th top screen of the DS at night. The game moves day by day, just like real life, so even if your not playing stuff is still happening. I only bought it a couple of days ago but it's already at the top of my list and I'm currently waiting for my wireless adaptor to arrive so I can go on wifi and visit other peoples towns.

Metroid Prime is first person shooter based on the popular game Metroid and its sequels on the NES and SNES. You are a famous bounty hunter, Samus Aran, and after recieving a distress call from a location in space you meet up with a familiar foe, the space pirates and even get a glimpse at an even deadlier nemisis, Meta Ridley (an advanced form of Ridley from the pre-mentioned games). Being a bounty hunter, Samus follows Ridley (the beacon you landed on is also blowing up) to an unkown planet, Tallon IV. Tallon IV was once colonised by the legendary Chozo race, after a mysterious and highyl dangerous substance lands on their planet they are forced to evacuate and the planet is later discovered by the space pirates, where they attempt to use the substance known as Phazon to their advantages. Through many tests and hideous creations it is debatable whether or not they did actually complete what they were aiming to do. As Samus it is your job to find out as much as you can about Phazon, the space pirates and the Chozo (plus obtain certian pieces of your power suit that go astray in the beacon explosion). My favourite game of all time, best and most involving storyline ever, brilliant graphics, awesome gameplay and known to most around the world as the best game to ever come out on Gamecube. I agree.

Prime Wolf

I got a Wii!
I am currently Playing Devil May Cry 3. Its pretty good, except the bosses are EASY!

Ive never played Kingdom Of Hearts before what console is it on?
Um... Pokemon Chrystal im facing The bug leader....BUGSY! i think its ok good graphics for a gameboy game..