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What Video Game are you currently playing?

razor fire

Well-Known Member
Age of Empire II. I got hooked on it after playing it at a frined of mine a few days ago.


Warning: Jokes!
RuneScape, and going to be playing HeartGold as soon as it gets delivered.
Baten Kaitos Origins... my memory card got corrupted, so my 120+ hours of gameplay went out the window D:<


Get in da choppa!
Dissdia: Final Fantasy. (CURSE YOU KH2-LIKE GAMEPLAY!) But mostly because of the graphics.


Alternating between Persona 3, Ratchet & Clank Future, and the classic FF7 at the moment. Which is odd, because usually I stick to one game at a time.


Aesthetics brahz
Right now I'm playing Pokemon Platinum, Gears of War 2, and the occasional Animal Crossing City Folk :D


Disaster Master
currently playing Guitar hero 5!!!

It's awesome ._.


currently playing Guitar hero 5!!!

It's awesome ._.
How do you like it? The only rhythm game I've ever owned (not played, OWNED) was GH3, which was pretty fun. The main gripe I had with it was how fast it got old, will this be worth giving the genre another chance?


tell me when to go
im not playing it right now, i have been playing GTA San Andreas for the ps2.


Koffi- Drinker

Pokemon Platinum (main), Pokemon Pearl (speeding through for reset stuff and TM's)

Xbox 360 Live!:

Castle Crashers (for INSANE), Test Drive Unlimited, Fable II (1350/1350; just like F2), GTA IV (because of the upcoming DLC in October), Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal, Onechanbara

PlayStation 2:

GTA: Vice City, GTA San Andreas, Red Faction (might consider Guerilla for 360)


Pokemon Emerald (more), Pokemon LeafGreen (less)


Pokemon XD (I'll play Colosseum later)

Game Boy (Color):

Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Gold


Nincada Trainer
PC : Freelancer / Fallout 3 / Got Recently got back into WoW

NDS : Pokemon Platinum


Slightly to the Left
gameboy advance: pokemon fire red.

gamecube: spongebob squarepants- battle for bikini bottom.

wii: wii sports resort.