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What Video Game are you currently playing?


Nonstop Breeder


final fantasy dissidia
it is so addictive!
ive been lving up terra for soooooo long

Sonic Boom

@JohanSSB4 Twitter
Shadow the Hedgehog.

Out of the 326 possible paths...I've completed 54. I'm in the process of completing each and every one. Dedication FTW 8D

I should be done around December.

Though I'm getting sick of going through Digital Circuit and Cryptic Castle with each path so far, lol. The Doom, is OK now, because I finally found the 5th key, and unlocked that door. Never would have expected it to reveal a switch, and thus make that lift in the main section (the room with a single ring in a cage) start to work. Get to the last room instantly thanks to it XD

But it is still utter hell to complete the Dark mission for The Doom. Who's been able to beat the mission in less than 15 minutes on a regular basis? Show of hands.
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All energy is currently focused on:
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
It's taken me a long time to get to the final dungeon, and now I'm there and will finish this thing by the end of the weekend.
From there, Eternal Poison (PS2) is next in line. My god have mercy on my soul...


Thanks SPPf. TTYL
I got "WWE Smackdown v RAW 2009 2 days ago. I've done HHH, CM Punks, The Undertaker, Jericho, John Cena's Road To Wrestlemania. And I'm over half way through Rey Mysterio and Bastia's. It's an OK day, one or two glitches. I think that whole 'Supernatural' thing during The Undertakers RTWM work quite well. I am going to re-do them all over the next few days to unlock everything.


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Recently downloaded the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker demo. The controls were really difficult to get used to, but I've eventually got the hang of it. Only 3 levels though.


Thanks SPPf. TTYL
Pokemon Platinum: Doing some frontier work, I lost the game, and I only recently found it after having only 20 hours of game play, so I now have my first symbol. The Hall.


Busy with School
Alright, I've recently started an FF I solo game in Dawn of Souls.

Since this is my first one, I'm using the Warrior.

I'm about 1:47 in, and I've just beaten Astos, AKA cheap***** with Death, and Marsh Cave, AKA hell with zombies.
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Not really here.
I've been playing Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Insider Story since I got it on Tuesday. Not to far in due to school, but since it is now the weekend, I can put a little bit more time into it. I've been really enjoying what I have played of it, though.


Busy with School
Alright, finished up the whole trade section, and am now in the room before Vampire.

I still hate the undead. And mummies.


Silver forever <3
I'm currently playing Pokemon Crystal as I wait for HG/SS.
Wait, did I post that last month when I started playing? I don't remember. Lol.


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Currently blasting through my Diamond's E4.


at the moment i'm busy with ratchet & clank 2 and when i finished the sidequests i'll get on to ratchet & clank 3.

i used to play them alot when they were new, they were my favorite PS2 games.