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What Video Game are you currently playing?

Locke Yggdrasill

Eustis on reddit
Dragonball Raging Blast
Dragon Age Origins
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Guild Wars
Assassin's Creed
Need for Speed Shift

Shadow Ichigo

Left On A Journey
Currently Playing:
Tales of Symphonia (Again)
Tales of Vesperia (Again)
Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor
Persona 4

Pkmn Breeder Jack

Static owns you.
I'm only four trophies away from Platinum on Assassin's Creed II, finishing up that. Then, I'll move around between Dragon Age, Borderlands, MW2, and Eternal Sonata, which I'm determined to beat no matter how uninterested I am.

hello moto

Top of the morning
Going back in the past, I'm playing Halo on Xbox, on legendary, currently at the last level (The Maw). btw- The needler is awesome

On handheld- playing Diamond as i'm breeding good pokemons to start Platinum with.


99% chance to hit
Dragon Age: Origins.

Recently finished Orzammar. Sided with Caradin for the sole purpose of not losing Shale.

Oh yeah, I found out how to get the DLCs without getting the codes, but it only works on the PC, and some of them will need codes.


Busy with School
Playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Proud mode. This is my first time playing the game.

Not really that hard though; other then the fact every enemy seems to be capable of easily killing me that is. Just means I have to abuse combos more.


The Stantler Hoarder
Cod, Fifa, and GW


Bomberman Land Touch! for the DS.

I set the Difficulty to hard, so it took me a while. I'm at the last Boss battle, but I'm also aiming to get 50 tokens to see this 'special graphic'. ;)


Well-Known Member
i really wish i hadnt lost my copies of leaf green/ruby/sapphire.. all of my favorite pokes are exclusive to them lol i havent tried emerald yet if get a chance ill defenitely buy it as soon as the problems of having no money and being embarassed going out to buy pokemon as a teenager go away :)


Well-Known Member
I'm playing right now (on XBOX360 FYI):
Halo 3
Left 4 Dead 2
and I'll probably be getting MW2 tomorrow.

I think I play too many games, yeah?
Alternating between Super Paper Mario (Wii), Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II (both PS2). I might pick up 358/2 Days again, since I barely remember that game now >.>