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What Video Game are you currently playing?


Chemical Thrower + Electric Gel = Boss justs stand there taking damage while you unload the stuff. Then just use either Grenade Launcher, Shotgun or Crossbow to finish it off.


that might have worked aswell, afterall i have plenty of ammo on my savegame, i used the power boosted healing wrench on random encounters which
gave me the oppertunity to buy max ammo on every weapon, when i finished the DLC trophies (which are only 2 at the moment) i might re-do the boss to see how that goes.

Going through the rest of my Bioshock 1 on Hard playthrough... I better get cracking with the photographs; I'm still missing the big daddy and little sister research to get my achievements for that.


good for you that the films are cheap, just max them out and take as much pictures of every subject as possible.

just in case there are more bioshock players that want to acchieve 100%, here's a trophyguide for the game: http://www.allps3trophies.com/forum/retail-games-guides/bioshock-trophy-guide
it works for both Xbox and PS3 users, have fun.
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Resident Evil 5.
It's hard not to use Mercenaries Reunion and mind-blowingly awesome in a sentence together.
Been playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. It's got to be one of the most atmospheric games I've ever played. I'm not in a rush to get Call of Pripyat, though. I still need Clear Sky.

Its been scientifically proven that people who play STALKER are about 400 times more cooler than the common man


Cynder Kiryah
I just completed Assassin's Creed. Pretty good game a few things I found funny
Civilians running randomly around town and crasing into objects killing themselves and others near them, Guards dropping to there death from high areas trying to come after me and a bird getting frozen in the sky.
I may go ahead and play Metal Gear Solid and finish snake's story and I might also play Tomb Raider 1 and Crash Bandicoot. I'm also going to try to get back into playing Animal Crossing City Folk


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I'm currently keeping myself busy with Final Fantasy 12, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2, and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + (Doing a rather sadistic level 1 challenge).

XD Mewtwo

Trying my hardest to get my total score in Elite Beat Agents greater than or equal to the debug mode total score I finally got.
My total score is currently 97419639/103059548


god of war 1 on the PS3, i recently bought the blu ray collection containing god of war 1 & 2 plus some exclusive content i still havn't seen.

Sonic Boom

@JohanSSB4 Twitter
Super Mario Bros. 3, on the Virtual Console.

I may have Super Mario Advance 4 already, but I prefer the NES graphics, "nostalgiaholic" as I am.


Sonic Pinball Party.

I'm up to competing Metal Sonic in which you have to go through all Sonic tables (modelled off the Sonic Advance zones). It's kinda hard for me.

I always end up losing the last ball in Egg Rocket Zone :(
Switching between LeafGreen and Platinum now.


Mariya Shidou said:
Have just started on Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Thank you Gamestop for still selling used PS2 games.

We have so much to discuss.

Just started the second disc of this game.