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What Video Game are you currently playing?


Well-Known Member
On the Wii:

Wii Sports Resort
Trying to get the end of Swordplay Showdown, keep being killed at about stage 7.*

Wii Sports
Played some Tennis, Baseball and Bowling against my sister and noticed I'm nearly a Bowling Pro, as it were.*

Pokémon Colosseum
Snagged Makuhita in a Premier Ball. Deciding between the Johto starters now. Any recommendations? Last time I went with Bayleef.

That's all for today but it is only 9am.


Well-Known Member
Animal Crossing:Wild World
I still have my original town on this. Not played for 7 weeks according to my villagers. Not much to do except pick weeds after my absence. Bought a spotlight product, the Regal Clock though. Didn’t wake up Storer, my secondary storage character though.

Pokémon Diamond/Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold
Just get shiny Raikou’s via Mystery Gift. Second Diamond belongs to my fiancée. Downloaded it for her and checked her squad. It’s pretty good. Shall have to battle her later if she finds her DS.


<< Bonkers
Been playing WC3, kinda dead, but still addictive with all the heroes! (And DotA, dont get me started on that)
Other than that, PO occasionally. I only play brawl or MK with my friendz (boring single player)


Active Member
I'm perpetually playing SoulSilver; I've made recent advances from where I was stuck at Clair, and now I'm at the Elite Four, finally! So excited to see what Kanto looks like after a second revamp.

Other than that, I have two categories, daily and weekly games. The daily games are obvious, and the weekly games I play off-and-on all week, but not every single day.

Daily Games: WoW (PC), Battlefield Bad Company 2 (360), Pokemon SoulSilver (DS)

Weekly Games: Battlestar Galactica Online (PC), Borderlands (360), Halo: Reach (360), Eternal Sonata (360).

I have other games, but these are what I'm typically playing. Oh, and if you want to get a hold of me on any of these games, check my signature for usernames, etc. :)


Well-Known Member
On my DS:

Pokémon Emerald
Spoke to my apprentice and told her...I forget.*

Pokémon Ruby
More 'dex filling. Trying to catch a Grimer in Fiery Path. 2% appearance rate sucks.*

Donkey Kong Jr.-e
I got an e-reader and this (and other stuff) a few weeks ago. This plays very similar, may even be the same, to Donkey Kong Jr. on the NES. Man, I'm ageing myself there.*


I like shiny things
Currently on my DS I'm playing SS (just caught Lugia) and Mario Party DS (just got the Boo Rival Badge.)
On my Wii, I'm playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 (having trouble with the Perfect Run) and helping my sis beat Kirby's Epic Yarn


Well-Known Member
Pokemon Heart Gold: Just got the Shiny Suicune from the GameStop event. Will use for Pokemon Black/White for later.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Brawling with members from another forum online.


Well-Known Member
Pokemon emerald

i love it, but it corrupts constantly, so im not verry far!!!!


Que Sera Sera
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. I completed it the other day but I'm still working on rebuilding Rome.
Working my way through Digimon World Dusk for the upteenth time, a little Minecraft (I need moar RAM), and waiting on my new copy of TWEWY. The end of the quarter has caused my gameplay time to somewhat dwindle. :V Tragic.


New Member
I am a game lover and Racing and Action types of games are my most favourite, Nowadays I am playing NFS Hot Pursuit and Dirt 2.
Both are nice racing game and full of fun games.