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What Video Game are you currently playing?


I’m Back...
The only game that I`m playing at the moment as a playthrough of is The Legend of Zelda Link`s Awakening DX. Did two dungeons in 1 day yesterday and stole an bow from the shopkeeper in the game. Now because of that , The game and the NPCs call me Thief because of that. I had to because the price for it cost too ridiculous high for me. Don`t worry I`m not like that in real life though. Trying to decide what new game to start for the Wii to playthrough now. Might actually thinking about resuming my progress in Twilight Princess or do the new game + in Okami next. I`ll decide on that latter on though.


Dark Type Gym Leader
im playing Fallout 3 and borderlands


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Dragon quest IX (9), trying to beat the last boss, its crazy hard though. Im also trying to get good at marvel vs capcom 3 but im not having any luck.


Boulder Trainer
Been playing playstation home....if that can be called a game. Also been playing Infamous 2


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Final Fantasy I on the Virtual Console, but I just lost to the final boss, so gotta go back and train.

Also playing my Spanish Black, the game in the left of my sig.
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probably elsewhere
Devil Survivor 2--even if clearly, my inability to understand most of it is going to get somebody killed. I didn't know where to find the kanji tab so I ended up using katakana and now my protagonist looks like he has a ridiculously long name. :T;; The second day just started, and I'm stuck at what looks to be one of the many required battles so that a certain person doesn't die. (This is Devil Survivor, so I'm pretty sure this isn't a spoiler.)

Inazuma Eleven 3: Challenge to the World - Ogre! Having the match against England's Knights of the Queen tomorrow. Some may have responded negatively to the concept, but I personally like that everyone gets tired out quicker. Adds challenge, and now I can't just fill my bench members with forwards. At least they lowered the TP required for any hissatsu; so we can use any move more often unless it's ridiculously expensive, which is a shame since those ones look so cool. :,


Hyuck hyuck hyuck
Yeah, but most of them are probably old farts, like me. It doesn't get as much attention as I feel it should, because it is a very challenging, and very fun, game.
Heh, I've actually played the original Lemmings (well, a port) so I'm an old fart too :D. I'm not crazy about the series but I agree that it doesn't get very much attention.
Making Lemmings commit suicide is funny.


swweet is awesomme!
I've actually been having a craving for some Halo 3 online recently, so the 360 is being used.

Surprised it still works, especially since I got it about 2 1/2 years ago...

Other than that... Uncharted 2 online as well.
Borderlands, Borderlands everywhere. I've almost got my Hunter up to 56, and now I'm just hunting around for a better Caustic Shotgun before I go back into Moxxie's Underdome to finish that up. And starting on Saturday, crazy amounts of TF2. Aww yeeahhh.

I've really gotta get going on starting up Just Cause 2, mang.
Besides Pokémon, I'm playing Monster Hunter G. I'm in the beggining, 4 stars quests, and... it's impossible! Monster appear all the time, you have only 1 kind of weapon. Finally, the boss monster is creepy. :/

Well, it's all a matter of familiarize with the game.

Shadow XD001

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The main game that I've been playing is Red Dead Redemption on the 360, trying to beat the Campaign then I'll probably go over to Multiplayer. Also, I've been leveling up my team and stuff in Black.

I should also finish up FireRed/Emerald. XD


Tina Tsukumo
Besides Pokemon, I've been playing: Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar, and Rune Factory 3. As well as Sims 2


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Disgaea DS, I love the Disgaea series. However I can't play Disgaea 2 and 3 because I don't have a Playstation. :( *snif, snif*