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What Video Game are you currently playing?

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by Ohtachi, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Kurloz Makara

    Kurloz Makara Red Death

    I restarted Fable 3, and I'm about to go find the music box. I've also been playing PMD: EoS when I'm bored of Fable. :p
  2. Adeku

    Adeku Formerly Torterra14

    Kid Icarus: Uprising. I beat the story mode earlier today and now I'm focusing on getting more weapons in multiplayer mode.
  3. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I went to EB Games today to buy Pokemon Black for my sister, and while I was there I found a used copy of Yoshi's Island DS. I had been wanting to get the game for several years now, so I bought it. Currently, I'm on world 2 and I'm enjoying the game so far.
  4. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    LOL im playing Soul Caibur V having so much fun too...I beat the game i guess its a fighting game lol and just need one more trophy to have a 100% too :)
  5. Murton

    Murton Once you were lost.

    Playing loads and loads of Heroes of Might and Magic III. My childhood right there.
  6. ForgottenPearl

    ForgottenPearl Well-Known Member

    Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories (PS2) - I really like the story in this game.
    Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii) - Whenever I want to relax.
    Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) - Just started it, and I actually like the 3D effects here.
    Star Fox 64 (3DS) - Going for medals on every planet!
  7. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    Mass Effect 3 and Kid Icarus: Uprising
  8. Calamity™

    Calamity™ aka Lamia

    I tried playing Street Fighter X Tekken, but I don't really like it that much. It's too fast paced, and I prefer one character fights, so I went back to SSF4.
  9. Jb

    Jb Tsun in the streets

    Playing Dragon Quest I. I swear these games need to be released on the eShop or something.
  10. dainswfc

    dainswfc Well-Known Member

    Im playing mass effect 3 multiplayer waiting for a patch so i can import shepards face from ME2 before i play single player. Did just by kid iccarus uprising so ill be playing that two. Im also playing Resident evil revelations kinda stuck on chapter 7 since all i have is a sniper lol and im just finishing off Super mario 3d land
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2012
  11. Short Wing

    Short Wing Home of the Braviary

    Kid Icarus: Uprising
    Assassin's Creed 1 on PC
  12. Mewtwo152

    Mewtwo152 Not dead yet.

    I'm currently awaiting Xenoblade Chronicles, and, for whatever reason, instead of beating my unfinished games, I've been playing Star Wars Battlefront II all week. >_>
  13. DaAuraWolf

    DaAuraWolf *grumble grumble*

    Just got finished recording the last 3 episodes of the current released levels in Angry Birds Space for a Let's Play that I was doing for my channel on YouTube. Have to say that they are not the actual final episodes of the LP but will for the time being until Rovio releases an update which would have some more levels and hopefully some more birds to use also. But hey , I though will be starting my Let's Play of LIMBO on Thursday. Plan on doing some sort of Jigsaw voice impression for some commentary during the series since that it would fit in with the dark death trap nature of the game anyways. Though I do have to say that I'm getting better with this Let's Playing business since that I will be starting on my 4th Let's Play with LIMBO being the actual game that will be of.

    Other than that , I'm currently playing some Kid Icarus Uprising when I am not working with getting my new episodes of the current LP series I am doing at the time. I am all the way up to Chapter 12 right now. Though I do have to say that Hades has to be one of my favorite characters in the game right now since of that thing about the Zombies in Chapter 10. But hey , I plan to start on Xenoblade Chronicles come Friday. Though I do have to also that I plan on pre-ordering Black 2 , White 2 , and The Last Story when I go pick my copy of Xenoblade at my local GameStop.
  14. Im halfway through rage and waiting to start skylanders. I also bought the New super mario bros for DS but i havent finished the old one yet.

    Not sure if im going to get Diablo or not yet...
  15. kuzronk

    kuzronk 1 Reputation Comment

    DOTA2 but i keep getting killed on it
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2012
  16. Slick

    Slick Banned

    This is one of the worst "sentences" I've ever seen.
  17. LokiTheGengar

    LokiTheGengar Sith Lord Victorious

    Actually it's not that bad of a sentence barring the improper use of "dead." And from what I know about DOTA it's very true you do get "dead" alot in that game.

    I recently downloaded Final Fantasy IV for the first time as well as Super Mario Bros 3 and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, both of which I haven't played since I had them on the GBA.
  18. noobers

    noobers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

    Journey on PSN. Man, that game is incredible. By the end, you'd be willing to die for your companion.
  19. Charizard Champion#06

    Charizard Champion#06 Spiral Warrior

    EpicNameBro's Dark Souls Class Challenge! The rules are:

    "#1 You may not level.
    #2 With the exception of rings, you may only use your starting equipment.

    #3 The only Blacksmiths who may Modify your equipment are Andre and Rickert.
    Normal, Raw, Divine, Occult, Magic, and Enchanted are ok.
    Fire and Lightning are NOT allowed.

    #4 You may not use any healing items during a boss battle. Clerics can cast heal with no restrictions.
    #5 You may not enter new covenants. (If you are a knight / cleric, Way of White is allowed.)
    #6 You may not upgrade your pyromancy flame.
    #7 No summons.

    You MAY buy consumables, including resins, spells and arrows. You MAY remove equipment. If the challenge is too easy, add your own restrictions. These are only the BASE guidelines for this challenge. Season to taste, bro!"

    So after a couple of hours I killed the Gargoyles and got this recording.
  20. kuzronk

    kuzronk 1 Reputation Comment

    I'm getting Zelda :Skyward Sword for Easter so i will be playing that

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