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What Video Game are you currently playing?


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Just got the GOTY Edition of Batman: Arkham City, so I've been playing that. Really great game!


I'm hungry
Pokemon Conquest and Final Fantasy on the DS.

Red dead redemption on the ps3, although my mom started playing it as well, hehe she likes this game.


The Teal Mask
I finally reach Rank 45 on BF3! I'm surprised it didn't take so long.

I regret taking a 2 and a half month hiatus for that game. It deserves to be played.

I also rented Dead Island, should be a good game.

cookies kill you

Like a boss
playing Twilight Princess just beat my first boss god that was annoying easy but annoying oh and I'm also doing a Platinum Nuzlocke currently just beat Gardenia and caught Rotom not looking forward to Jupiter and her nightslashing Skunktank no deaths currently *knocks on wood*
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Finally beat Majora's Mask for the first time today. I easily enjoyed it way more than Ocarina of Time, and not just cause of the text speed. Ending was kinda meh for me though. Now I can do Hero Mode on Skyward Sword for the first time and alternate that with Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, on 4-3 I think, the desert map.


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I'm currently playing Sapphire (completed, working on pokedex) and I'm about to do a speed run of Platinum, soon to be followed by HG and Black. This is gonna be the year where I finally complete the pokedex.


I'm almost done with a challenge run of Platinum (set team chosen by others) that I play absentmindedly while watching the Olympiad, and besides that I'm trying to finish Skyward Sword on my brothers' Wii before I return to University for the year. After Skyward Sword is done, I intend on playing Kingdom Hearts 3D full-bore. Pretty full schedule, there, and I've got more backlogged games to work at when that's done.


I working on Proud Mode of every character in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Recently finished Aqua. Probably gonna do Terra then try to get the Ultima Weapon on Aqua's game and do some more after story stuff. Otherwise I'm trying to finish stars on Mario Galaxy and probably play more Arkham City in the time I'm waiting to get Dream Drop Distance


halted development
TES V: Skyrim, currently at "Elder Knowledge" in the main story, but before I complete it I am going to do the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and Companions quests.
I'm like 85% done with the Thieves Guild, only have to get influence in Markarth and Solitude and have already done three jobs in each hold. Just got my first main contract for the Dark Brotherhood, and just joined the Circle of the Companions.
My current active quest is "A Daedra's Best Friend."

I also just bought Red Dead Redemption to play when I'm done with Skyrim.

Shadow XD001

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Currently playing through Batman: Arkham Asylum and then I'll be playing Arkham City once I finish that. Also, I've been playing a little bit of HeartGold, doing some aftergame stuff.
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Awaiting October.
Uncharted 1 - PS3 My reason for wanting a PS3
Jak & Daxter Trilogy - PS3 Playing Jak 2 ATM not as good as the first but a decent platformer.
Final Fantasy XIII - Xbox 360 Upto chapter 11, constantly doing missions :(
Kingdom Hearts 382/5 Days - DS Want to finish this before i get the 3DS game.
Pikmin 2 - Wii : Just collecting Cash money.
Call Of Duty: Black OPs - PS3 : Just some casual zombies with my best friend.
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations - 360 : Random matches every now and then