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What Video Game are you currently playing?


Well-Known Member
League of Legends (Man those 900 elo feeders)
Minecraft (If I was German it would me MienKraft)
Pokemon Conquest (Why Can't I recruit Masamune??)
Waiting on:
Fire Emblem 3D
Ecol Tactics
My cards to get added to Carte

Nuzlocking a Pokemon Game
Doing a PMD Sky Dungeon Rush Challenge (Use messages to add lvl 1 pokes for a full team and then go through every dungeon one at a time, with no shopping outside of dungeons, no withdrawal of items or funds and no rerunning dungeons to level, dojo dungeons can be run 1 time each for optional training, to make it a little easier) I need to figure out a scoring system or something, since you have to keep doing the next dungeon even if you fail to clear the last one.
Spamming LOL Ranked once new ranked system is up.
Eating a Taco
Clearing out some of my backlog, Valkyrie Profile or a No-death playthough of Fire Emblem DS, etc etc.


What do I do now?
Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device, Pokemon Firered, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Love 'em!!
I'v been playing Pokemon, I would love to play some of my wii games though, and mariokart a bit


Now on vinyl
Rayman Origins. It's so underrated....but it's super funny and entertaining.
And The Sims 3. There's nothing like playing a sadist God and watch lesser people suffer. (<--- Hope you know where I got that from)
Pokemon Blue, and Harvest Moon: A New Beginning.

Manafi's Dream

Well, after tomorrow, Fire Emblem: Awakening.


Dawn's number 1 fan™
FTL, Half Life 2 and Tekkit with some friends.


Beginning Trainer
Currently trying to clear my gaming backlog - Fallout 3 and GTA IV. Also picked up Ni No Kuni so playing that as well.


Pokemon Veteran
I recently got my hands on three games: the Legendary Starfy, Apollo Justice:Ace Attorney( I couldn't find the original at the Gamestop or the ones before this) and Sonic Rush Adventure. The only one I have played more than once so far is Starfy and I have to say, it's shaping up to be an underrated gem. It doesn't get enough love. The controls are tight, the bosses ( which I fought anyways) are fun, and the amount of content is damn substantial for a DS game. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.