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What Video Game are you currently playing?


Statter Master
Sonic and all stars racing transformed and Farming simulator 2013.


Thou enraged?
Playing Black 2 atm. Just had a 14-win streak in the Super Multi train.


Well-Known Member
I'm playing Trine 2 and Shadow of the Colossus. I've started the second playthrough on the latter.


Lampent is good.
Im playing PMD blue, and I died... that accursed silent chasm... D:< screw you, Lonely and Pikapi.


Well-Known Member
The first Golden Sun game.

It came in the mail today. I had the first 2 games a long time ago and sold them, but I recently bought them again used online.


[Ocean Intensifies]
A three-heart run and Master Quest on Ocarina of Time 3D.


Well-Known Member
I'm currently playing Professor Layton and the Unknown Future rented from Gamefly. The plot is starting to thicken.


I just finished the GBA entries the Golden Sun series, and I'm starting my next Camelot game, Mario Golf Advance Tour, as well as Link's Awakening tomorrow.


New Member
hey im CHARmander. :)
im playing luigis mansion dark moon, pokemon white 2, and Zelda twilight princess, when I m done that Zelda i'll restart skyward sword :)


Thou enraged?
Playing Battlefield 3 atm, tampering with the settings to find out how would it fit in my gaming laptop.