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What Video Game are you currently playing?

Ratchet: Deadlocked (Online)

I can't consider it superior to UYA at heart, but, it does have better online gameplay.


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I was playing Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS). Finally managed to beat this one song on Medium.



Abort, Retry, Fail?
I've finished every cup on Mario Kart DS, and I've tried its online mode.

What I'm Currently Playing:
- Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES)

I'm up to the part where I have to retrieve Mallow's coin. Both Mario and Mallow are currently at level four.


It's a mystery.
I've finally decided to take a break from Brawl after...idk 3 weeks, I guess. Now I'm purely focused on Super Mario Galaxy for this week...I have 10 stars left to collect and they're all Purple Comet levels. Yet a few of those levels are getting me frustrated because of time limits *sighs* But yeah...I'm gettign closer to playing as Luigi ^^

On the side, I'm still playing Mario Kart Wii...as I've recently unlocked Rosalina, Dry Bones, and Bowser Jr. My next thing to do is getting all those courses in the 150cc engine class dealt with. Hopefully when I unlock Toadette (when I play time trial mode), I'll be open to race anyone on wi-fi :]


I've been meaning to finish Super Mario RPG, so I picked it up and played for a while. Damn trial rooms, I've only completed the two fighting ones.

I also played some Paper Mario and opened Dry Dry Ruins.


I'm back!
I'm playing Pokémon Fire Red cause I need to train up. Nope! Now I'm playing Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party! Woo Hooo!!!!!


Pokemon Diamond, soon to play Harvest Moon: Magical Melody


I have cancer.
Currently playing: Halo 1, Earthbound 1 and 2, Demo of Left 4 Dead at a friends, and Tomorrow Call of Duty: World at War. =D


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Im currently playing Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, and Call of Duty World at War soon.
Meh, decided to go back to Baten Kaitos. Next week: Tales of Symphonia 2 :D
Pokemon Emerald cause new gamed and want to beat it again. Also Gears of War 2 beat the game on co-op normal and we're now working on horde casual.


Pedophillia? Naww.>>
NBA The Life, and I'm switching to GTA San Andreas every once and a while.

latios reborn

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Spore once again as well as playing a bit od Jump ultimate stars online and trying to beat the battle frontier on Platinum. And GH world Tour.


Playing Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria.
And I'm extremely annoyed because I only have, like, 4 people to fight Heindall with.
My Brahms died. D:

Flame Haze SnS

I'm currently playing back and forth between Pokemon Diamond (Day Time) and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Night Time). In ToS: DotNW, I'm just right after Luin's Cave (I think that's the name of it).


Crack the Skye
Huge game catalog = busy gamer.

Currently playing:

Assassin's Creed (360) Missed this last year so I picked it up on the cheap for some fun.

Ninja Gaiden 2 (360) Same reason as Assassin's Creed.

Gears of War 2 (360) HAPPY HAPPY FUN TIEM.

Crysis Warhead (PC) Because I can \o/

Fallout 3 (PC) Best on PC otherwise I'd have it on my 360.

Far Cry 2 (PC) Again, best on PC. :]

Spore (PC) Trying to finish it but the game's just so annoying.

Call of Duty: World at War (360) Skipped buying it and decided to gamefly the fucker for my COD fix.

Mirror's Edge (360) Rented it for a quick play through.

And before anyone asks, yes, I'm switching between all of these games. :( Overload much?