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What Video Game are you currently playing?


Artistic Flair
Currently playing Pokemon X and Y, working on completing the Kalos Pokedex.
I have also been playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.


Sir Aaron's Lucario
I'm currently getting addicted into Animal Crossing again, playing pokemon blue {because nostalgia}and I am going to start playing Golden Axe II if I can get my Megadrive to work :p

i just got a 12-1 arena run. i probably won't have to farm gold again for a while! woot!

don't be misled though, hearthstone is a lot of fun for every type of gamer.


I got Bravely Default yesterday - I wanted to finish the demo that I hadn't played much so that I could get all the bonus sets and even do the villager glitch.
Pokemon Y - Breeding new teams, etc.
League of Legends - every now and then



I bought some properties and i used the submarine to collect all nuclear wastes and before that all the Submarine parts. Thanks to that nuclear waste, i have alot of money again cuz i spended it on the properties.


Clefairy Lover ^_^
Recently traded some dota 2 keys for a copy of Final Fantasy VII on Steam. Been playing that! (so many memories..)


The Interceptor
Just beat Chapter 10 in Castelvania: Lords of Shadow. Getting pretty close to the end and I've been very much enjoying the game.

Also still playing Torchlight 2, can't get enough of that game.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Lots and lots of Battlefield 4. That game is just mind-blowing and all the things I didn't like about Battlefield 3 have been changed and made better.

Chaos Emperor

No hope.....
On my 3DS, I'm playing mario and luigi dream team, and on my wii u, it's a juggling contest between mario 3d world, wii fit u, and xenoblade.


Continuing with Animal Crossing New Leaf but also returning to Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, I forgot how fun it was! However, the impending timed level in the treacherous mansion terrifies me, not 'cause of the ghosts, but because I hate being put under so much pressure with games!!


LoD, resuming a file right before Stardust #49 just to play Faust then moving back to Dragon's Dogma: DA to play Bitterblack Isle which I never got around to playing.


I have a boyfriend now; I am his princess❤️
Well i guess i'm trying to get myself to continue kingdom hearts one lol

its funny but i can't seem to get as into the concol games now o.o; though i don't tend to have as much difficulties with the handheld ones.. XD might fool around in mission mode on days again later today lol as riku of course...=P