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What Video Game are you currently playing?


AC4: Black Flag on PS3.
Last time i did was doing that mission in the Observatorium. Also managed to get all the Mayan Stones and the outfit inside the tomb in Tulum. Continuing through the Storyline.

TF2 on PC
Started to playing some Highlander matches since last week. Really like it. Or either Payload pubs.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

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Blazblue Chronophantasma. I am currently halfway through the story I think. The story is really long for a fighting game and that is what I love about Blazblue. Also downloaded my favourite character Kokonoe. She is such a blast to use even though people say she is god damn overpowered. Chronophantasma is really amazing so far!

Maybe going to do some sphere grinding on FFX HD (probably want to start X-2 HD before I do that lol)

Oh and I need to still play Tales of Symphonia DOTNW HD.


Kingdom of Loathing.


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Dark Souls II, now that it's out on PC.

From Software really did learn from their mistakes. The game runs much, much better than Dark Souls 1 on PC, the graphics are an improvement over the console versions, and the best part? No Games for Windows Live.

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
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I ordered the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection. It's supposed to be here Wednesday so i'll be playing a lot of that during my free time. Lately i'm mostly been playing Pokemon Y off and on, and I also play Minecraft quite a bit when I have free time.
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Playing a little bit of Minecraft PS3 version now.

Same map that i started when i bought the game last year in December. However, i had to reset the Nether for the Quartzblock. And i got a Brewing stand now because te Blaze Spawners are restored now. I destroyed them the last time.

But Ghasts were constantly attacking me when i went digging and looking for Quartz. But i killed a few with my bow ofc.

Planning to make a hallway that leads to my Nether portal through the mountain where my house is on, or either putting my nether portal underground. I already replaced the wool floor with stone floor and putted red carpets on them. This is where i do my Enchantings.
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Lover of underrated characters
Playing through Mass Effect 2


pain in the ***
Trying my fin at Titanfall. As expected, my reflexes are crap, but I'm still having fun


Panda Power
tried to play lego Hobbit this week. unfortunately my game has frozen twice so far, and my save got deleted. Also playing Cod: Ghosts

on the DS side I got back into the 5th gen of pokemon so im playing White and Black 2


Old User: OtakuGamer
Playing Fire Emblem: Awakening again.

Decided to do different pairings and make sure I don't marry Chrom this time. Gonna have Cordelia marry Chrom and TRY to keep Olivia.
When I play this game I imagine everything happening in my head and given them cool personalities. I'm thinking of having my character be somewhat shy and serious. She wants to protect everyone and gets very emotional when people die.

Thinking of pairing my character with Stahl.


One Truth Prevails
James Noir's Hollywood Crimes
This was one of my first 3DS games, and while it was definitely not the best graphics-wise and kind of corny story-wise, the puzzles are still decent. And since its been forever since I've played it, I still remember the puzzles, but I have forgotten the solutions, so its like buying a whole new game XD


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Picked up Monster Hunter 3U again. I did some online quests so I can level up my hunter rank so I can do harder hunts and get better equipment.