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What Video Game are you currently playing?


The Teal Mask
SM3DW: Beat the story. All I can say is the last boss battle was disappointing. 3D Land was better.

Not really playing games atm. I should get MK8 next week.


The Interceptor
Picked up The Stanley Parable and Transistor from the Steam Sale. Also still going through Final Fantasy XIII and I'm up to Chapter 10.

Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
Rayman Origins.
So glad it went on sale.

Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna
Shadow of the Colossus HD. I've had the game since September 2011, and bought the ICO/SOTCHD Collection at full price, but have only now gotten to this game. The scope is freaking gigantic. Sure it's empty for the most part, but it looks so good. The controls are a bit clunky, but it's not too bad. Haven't died yet as a result of it. Killed two Colossi so far, and I've got an itch to play it again!


I finally got my hands on Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies so I'm playing that. Right now in the middle of the third episode (Turnabout Academy) and I just finished the first courtroom session.


Well-Known Member
I've been playing through WATCH_DOGS on my XOne. I'm actually pretty impressed with it; I thought it would simply be another GTA clone but it's so much more. In addition to that I'm playing WoW(as always hehehe :p ).


Well-Known Member
I plan on starting Virtue's Last Reward shortly, though I need to return to Mass Effect and have also ordered the deluxe edition of Child of Light. I fear I splurged on too many games at the start of this summer.

Blues OVO

Casual Trainer
Been trying to beat Mega Man 9/10 on Wii and prepping a team for Ruby Battle Tower. After watching the Super Smash Bros. documentary, I'm considering training up again on Melee it's been way too long!
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Replaying Golden Sun. Man, I've never beaten Saturos in Mercury Lighthouse this quick.
Going to play Golden Sun 2 afterwards.


Well-Known Member
Virtue's Last Reward.
Got Luna's Ending today.
Wow... how depressing.
(Almost) everyone dies, Luna's "nothing more" than a robot and dies in Sigma's arms... and now he's all alone.>_>


Finished the main campaign of Dragon Age: Origins. This time around, it took about 65 hours to complete, not counting any battle do-overs. Took so long because I really wanted to get immersed in the game. Did as many quests as I could, talked to NPCs I would normally ignore, even read every Codex entry. Also played an Elf to see how it is different from Human. I have to say, I liked the Elf run more. Was definitely a different experience from my faster first run.

Haha same. I just finished my second run-through of the game. I played it for the first time several years ago as a Dwarf Noble, and this time, I went Human Noble. Took me a long time as well - 65 hours sounds about right. I didn't read every Condex entry, but I had several of the DLCs (Warden's Peak, Stone Prisoner, Return to Ostagar, DLC items) installed as well.

Going to move on to Awakening and the other post-game DLC later on. Want to be done before Dragon Age: Inquisition after all.

I don't know if Awakening or DA:II are worth playing, based on reviews I have read. DA:II in particular has gotten a lot of negative rep, although I feel compelled to play it just because of choices in DA:I. I hear there's a way you can create your own custom save for DA:I without having to play both games.


I'm hungry
Battlefield 4 and the multiplayer is pissing me off. Well at least the people I am playing with.

Other than that I have been playing Infamous:Second Son, well I started an evil play through on hard. So far it seems easier than hero mode on easy but meh.

I'm about to play FF XIII through playstation now. I might also pick up Killzone: Shadowfall now that it's only 19.99 at Best buy.


Sexy Cowboy
Far Cry 3, Watch_Dogs, and AC4! And replaced my rims on my truck, selling the old ones and going to but xbox one and start playing Ryse: Son of Rome


Well-Known Member
I completed VLR today. My initial impression is that I prefer Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, as I felt its ending gave more resolution while being surprisingly emotional. The sequel seems more like it serves to lay the framework for a third title, though it remains sufficiently self-contained.

[SPOIL]Poor Junpei. ;_;[/SPOIL]


Dark Souls II just enjoying the PVP at lvl 200 lol, never get tired of invading some poor guys world and just mauling him to death with dual katana's xD course its not so fun when I get called a sinner and get hunted for being a hunter XD DS Logic~


Bad Scientist
Tales of Phantasia (PSX):

Man, I love this game so much. There's a ton of unexpected humor weaved into the game mechanics (the crab at Alvanista that won't let you get the chest, the fake game over in Moria Mine, et cetera). Plus, the story isn't half bad for an old rpg.

Anyway, working my way through ymir forest (in the past), which is a giant maze. I've been roaming around for an hour or so without finding the actual destination. I'm using a map now, because to hell with this aimless wandering.


Golden Sun 4?
I haven't been playing a lot recently, although last weekend I spent ages on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I am planning on spending a while on Golden Sun (GBA) and Twilight Princess (Wii Version) next weekend, as well as maybe some time on Advance Wars (GBA).